SHOOTER TACTICS/WAKE UP – One Man’s Continued Slur-Filled Meltdown

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The return of a familiar (and still as ever) Australian “developer.”


  1. “Awsome” Graphics.

  2. I didn’t remember this at first, but now i remember. This is the game that
    allowed my friends down under to explain to me what a boggan is.

  3. Ciggy Butt Brain made a game?

  4. Oh for fucks sake! I’m calling it, I think this bloke is from Queensland.

  5. worked for Telstra tech support for a few years!
    now, that “Cranky Aussie Drongo” voice really brings back some… amusing

  6. LMAO you are calling people queers and you expect them to vote for your

  7. Honestly? We filthy queers have much better things to be doing than dealing
    with a sad little wanker of this low quality and importance. Much, *much*
    better things to be doing.

  8. moar humour blind1969! YOU MUST DELIVER MORE HUMOUR!


    also: Thanks to Jim and blind1969 for making my morning better, didn’t
    think I was gona laugh this much when I got out of bed!

  9. Queensland, Y U do tis? Queers are awsome.

  10. If you’re going to make a modern military shooter and hope to sell it you
    should at the very least meet the very low bar set by soldier front. If
    you’re worse than soldier front, how to you expect anyone to play your

  11. Bruno M (ThePervertedOne)

    Okay If Canada apologizes for Justin Beiber and American says Sorry for
    Bush Jr, we Australian’s will apologize for this idiot.

  12. Ugh a disgrace to my country’s game development community if I ever saw

  13. I feel great shame for Australia on this day. O Australia our home and
    native land.

  14. Did you know that Windows Movie Maker supports giving text outlines for
    increased readability?
    Just thought you should know that.

  15. Man fuck this guy, I will personally kick his ass out of the country if I
    ever find him… because apparently we can do that now, fucking Coalition
    government…. but I digress, this man is an embarrassment to Australia and
    we have enough of those already.

  16. Hey Jim, you should look into the whole “Orion” game case that’s going on
    right now. Long story short is that Activision got it taken off the Steam
    store for two weapons that look pretty similar to two weapons in their
    games. The Dev of Orion I think claims it was from an asset pack or
    something. It would be interesting to see what all you could find on it
    though. Basically what I think would be interesting to know about is if
    they actually did find an asset pack for that somewhere or if they did
    intentionally steal the weapon from the game. There are screenshots people
    have made that show they are pretty similar as I said, but shit, I see
    enough differences there to say it’s different (the type of guns they are
    also different and the reload animations differ too).

  17. Jesus christ this dev needs to fuck off

  18. the problem with assets is that when they are in a game you don’t know how
    much they where used so if anyone sees one asset they automatically assume
    the game is made 100% out of assets

  19. Ohhh, he’s Australian. No Jim, he isn’t crazy. He’s Australian. That’s

  20. It’s amazing how many people out there just can’t take a hint that their
    hastily thrown together game using almost entirely store-bought assets *are*,
    in fact, shit. It’s further baffling when they get upset when called out on
    it. Then again, 98% of humanity are idiots so… I shouldn’t keep being
    surprised, I guess.

  21. Firstname Lastname

    If you struggle to hear Australian dialects, allow me to help: This guy
    talks like he never went to high school and has been knocked unconscious at
    least a couple times. If you heard his voice in public you would actively
    avoid eye-contact. He is without doubt a ‘bogan’ (UK: chav, US: redneck).
    They are actually becoming rare here now because of our growing middle
    class, but there are still some about. 

  22. Uh is that an Australian accent?

  23. …..this is more like a pitch for a trailer

  24. Droid Control Ship

    Is he Aussy or New Zealander?

    If so, doesn’t Aussyland / Australia have a serious crack down on violent
    video games?, where on Earth!, did this character of a person learn such
    foul language?!

    Australia has rainbows and happiness, none of those slurs!

  25. Sam Rees (reesy)

    Meanwhile in Australia. Lol

  26. 1:44 is the best part of the video

  27. Cleve Crudgington

    He turned the power to the have-nots. And then came the shot.

  28. Quick! Someone who doesn’t seem politically correct said an unpolitically
    correct thing on the Internet! I’m offended!!!!11!!1!

  29. DoTheEvolution78

    The creator of this game sounds like Paul Hogan.

  30. clean straights.

  31. mypersonaljesus1

    Oh God, he’s Australian…i’m an Australian, and he makes us all look bad.

  32. Wodda fuggen dick ‘ed.

  33. oh no its australian Harry Plinkett again XD

  34. I’m always happy to support Australian developers…. well mostly.

  35. IRONMANAustralia

    Might I suggest your next copyright violation Jim?: Bitter Tears by INXS –
    but change the lyrics to: “Push away those bitter *queers*”.

  36. “Ha-llo you Dirty Tactical Queers, Jim Sterling here!”

  37. “Shoot inside buildings”…cause that’s totally something you can’t do in
    any fps game.

  38. I am 100% sure they have permission to use those Maersk crates…

  39. This asshole developer needs to WAKE UP!! :(

  40. Mako The Spider Queen

    oh goodness, he’s using homophobic slurs, I guess that means I’ll play his
    game now… /s

  41. again i must say sorry to the world, this “man” does not represent
    australia. he is a low life bogan (red neck) on behalf of real aussies we
    are sorry that is pile of trash was able to get his hands on a computer

  42. jim have you played this new game called crossout ? its like mad max whith
    DIY vehicles. i would realy love so see what profesional like you think of

  43. Why is the game on greenlight, when we’re giving it away?

    Well, how else do you think we should get a game on Steam to give away
    without going through greenlight?

  44. in fairness, he is not really good at hate speech. seems like he might be
    special needs.

  45. Why is it that any time there’s an Australian on Youtube, on the news or in
    the public eye in general, they always make *all* Australians seem like
    psychopathic idiotic hillbilly scam artists. It’s very embarrassing. It’s
    like the thing that happened with Johnny Depp’s dog. This guy’s probably
    from Queensland, I guarantee it.

  46. Dávid Pálinkás


  47. get a life you bitter filthy queer

    Someone had to do it.

  48. Shoot inside buildings!
    Awesome graphics!

  49. Unmitigated Disaster

    I’d be thrilled if we could get weekly updates on this developer/clown.
    He’s the perfect mix of vulgar, delusional, but also ultimately harmless to
    be entertaining without being a depressing blight on humanity like Digital
    Homicide is.

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