Shexy Shelob (The Jimquisition)

In the world videogames, even spiders need to be sexy, because Heaven forbid even Shelob be allowed her ugliness.

When Shadow War isn’t busy introducing loot boxes, it’s redesigning spiders in a way that reinforces some unfortunate ideas.


  1. A lot of comments are focusing on the wrong thing. It’s not about some bullshit female quota, it’s about how bloody boring female character design has become. Just look at all the characters from the myriad of hero shooters that came out. None of them are willing to make a conventionally ugly female character. You have giant beast characters, and they’re always male. Game developers have such a wider breadth of designs that they could explore, but are ignoring.

  2. Why is gender and racial representation even a thing, what does it matter? If you’re making a game you should be allowed to make it how ever you want. You should include characters and races because it makes sense to the context of the game, NOT because it panders, and I mean pandering to ANYBODY.

  3. Would GlaDOS be considered good example of great and fleshed out feminime character?
    I mean they could just as easily create “sexy female android” who would be sitting in control room pushing buttons to test Chell. But they instead went with awesome mechanical … something? And it was amazing

  4. Kreia from Kotor 2 is the best female character in video games that is all thank you.

  5. Sexy Shelob could have worked if they put some effort into it. Yes its silly to give her a sexy female form, she is after all a cruel, primal force of nature with massive power. But the sexy thing could have worked, If you played with the unncanny valley. She assume the form of a beautiful woman okay but make her seem off, make her movements unnatural like a creature not used to the form, she’s beautiful but maybe shes to still, a patient hunter standing frozen over her prey, only moving in lightning fast darting gestures like how a spider would strike. have odd muscle movements under the skin, make the mouth to wide and show barely visible pedipalps behind the teeth.

    Or hell go a different route. have her movements be long overly exaggerated and sweeping. Like she doesn’t have fine motor control.  even though she walks dont let her seem to touch the floor. like its a bad animation where you can tell shes not actually touching the ground merely hovering close to it. Its a spiders lair so there are web every where, so have then show as fine glints as light passes through strands but make ure to hint at lines leading to her body, one at the wrists, feet, head and torso. Make the sexy lady thing a puppet, a living flesh marionette with the real creature, the real mind body and soul on the ceiling above pulling all the strings

  6. Jim’s complaint is not
    “women are objectified in games!!!!! OUTRAGE”
    it’s “what, this shit again? Boring, could have been done a lot more uniquely.”

  7. I say keep ugly bitches out of games every woman in videogames should be a 10 who wants to look at unattractive people nobody

  8. Go back to complaining about Steam for the 1000th time. Sheesh you sound like a broken record.

  9. You’re missing a point with Gears of War. The characters you showed are all attractive and somehow sexualized. It’s just that men are attractive in a different way than women. Because if you think most women don’t find a big, muscular man attractive, than you must be living on another planet.
    Though I agree, male characters are allowed much more variety in gaming than female characters.

    BTW, loot boxes are not coming to Shadow of War because WB is involved. They’re coming because gamers are buying them.

    EDIT: Oh, for f’s sake, people, I’m not saying ONLY beefy, muscular guys are sexy. Stop spamming the discussion with posts about Ryan Gosling.

  10. I probably don’t understand it as I am a girl who plays games but I’ll ask anyway. Guys, don’t you feel just a tad insulted that it seems like game industries are so scared that if they don’t throw a pair of tits in their game to attract you to it that you’ll just not play their game? It almost seems like they think you’re too stupid to think for your own so they’d rather tickle your jollies instead so you’ll buy their titties (I mean titles).

  11. SJW / anti-SJW click bait vid. GJ Jim! Go ahead and stoke that idiotic fuckfest with a total non-issue.

    Need the clicks or a slow news week?

  12. When these SJW developers try to create a colored or woman character, because of the lack of talent and fear of not making them stereotype enough, they can’t give them any personality they are empthy shells. Thats why their games sucks ass, thats why marvel comics sucks ass. These devs are racist and sexist thats why their art is only a propaganda for their ideologies, nothing more.

  13. Average citizen of KEKistan

    Jim… you’re breaking my heart… please stop being like this… I CAN’T TAKE THE CUCKERY!!!… i used to love you man…

  14. I haven’t finished the video yet but I will offer a theory on the topic of Shelog being humanized.

    Animating that giant spider costs a lot of money. Animating a human costs not so much money. So it was about the money maybe kinda?

  15. THIS is why people blame SJWs for all the ugly women in Mass Effect Andromeda etc., you’ve made an entire 12 minute video whining because a Spider Monster chose to project itself as a sexy woman. JFC.

  16. Think you misunderstood Jim, perhaps the attractiveness of the human form of Shelob has its purpose. Spiders are supposed to be tricky and deceptive creatures, and showing herself as an illusion of an attractive woman is meant to perhaps make you like her and then crush that idea later on. You don’t know what her role is in this game Jim Sterling, therefore I feel like your claim seems to be just a shot in the dark to create some fuss, anyway you probably succeeded in your purpose anyway. Here i am writing a big fat comment on it.
    Btw your praise to that reptile fighting game is a bit overdone, I mean if they made a sexy reptile with breasts it wouldn’t fit the style of the game anyway. It’s not like It was original but it was the thing to do, it fits the game.

  17. At least watch the video before commenting something toxic

  18. Excuse you Jim, but best dino girl is obviously Riptor from Killer Instinct. Also I’d like to toss in Rek’Sai from League of Legends as another interesting monster lady (visually that is).

  19. What about GlaDos? She’s not sexualized. The only picture of her shows her as a middle-aged woman alongside her boss Cave Johnson.

  20. When jim talks about his politics, he becomes that 17th century caricature he portrays for real. And I don’t think he is aware of the irony.

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