Shenmue Is The Waterworld Of Videogames (The Jimquisition)

Waterworld was a very, very, very expensive movie to make, and it was a flop. A very, very, very big flop. Anyway, let’s talk about Shenmue!

Shenmue III is finally out, floating off the back of millions in crowdfunding, multiple publisher backers, and a wave of hype. Disproportionate hype, it would seem, given the game’s market performance thus far.

The thing is, Shenmue isn’t all that popular, despite being so requested, and so critically acclaimed. What’s more, it’s always been very, very, very expensive to make… and a flop.


  1. Waterworld was a strange movie

  2. N.obody Sevenhundred

    Shenmue 3? More like…

    Didn’t buy it

  3. I actually discovered Shenmue *after* playing (and falling in love with) Yakuza 3. So my immediate reaction to Shenmue was that it looked like a half-finished early access version of Yakuza.

  4. “Having a costume is a substitute for an appealing personality” You’ve got more than I have
    Merry Jimbo, everyone

  5. Bruh, “looking for someone named Yuan” in China is like trying to find someone in the Midwest named Brad. You’re gonna be at it for a *while.*

  6. Spectacular Spider-Man

    here’s a shenmue that looks like an apple

  7. *Sees the title*
    My first thought: Does Ryo drink his own piss in these games?

  8. Wow, PhilosophyTube really let himself go…and yet somehow is twice as handsome.

  9. Shenmue is a mysterious game.

    I think it’s incredible that Shenmue 3 managed to recapture the stilted voice acting despite having a stellar voice cast this time around, and I feel like if the series had concluded with Shenmue 3, I’d have been disappointed. That doesn’t mean it’s a good decision, but still.

  10. My younger brother, bless his heart, bought me Shenmue for the DC back in the day. After earning some in game money and then spending literally ALL my time playing Space Harrier, I returned it when I ran out of in game cash.

    My ex loved Shenmue 2,and I was happy enough watching her play it, but when she hit some dumb in game job that was too hard to grind out. We used the whole game as a Lucky Hit sim.

    I think I’ll pass on the third one.

  11. When Jim Sterling complains that you’re not focused enough on your bottom line, you know you’ve screwed up.

  12. that ending was so sad jim :c

  13. Jim: “I understand. Like this show, no one really gives a shit.”
    PhilosophyTube, two days ago: Am I a joke to you?!

  14. Shenmue 3 is a Dreamcast era game released in 2019. It came out a couple generations too late.

  15. The feels at the end… … ..

  16. “I am trying to locate some sailors”

  17. I saw ONE advert for Shenmue, it ended with “In Stores Now” and my immediate thought was “The Funhaus boys are gonna love this.” Heard no word whatsoever of a new Shenmue, but it’s become obvious to me that we’ve reached the “nostalgia hot-zone” as an industry. Where one can make and sell a game on nostalgia alone. This can sometimes be fantastic – I never thought we would get another Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines – for instance. Other times, it’s just a cynical way to further milk cash out of the money-cattle that we’ve all been reduced to in this post-modern hellscape of late-stage capitalism. See: Anything Star Wars in 2019.

  18. Princess Rainbovvs X Musashi

    “I see.”
    “I did it!”

    Pretty much the whole Shenmue series

  19. Jim Sterling makes a video.

    Me: “I see”

  20. “I see,” is probably lost in translation. The phrase, “Aa, sou,” or “sou ka na,” roughly translates to “I see,” but it’s one of those phrases that can have a lot of different meanings based on the context and tone of its use. A lot like “Hai.” It can mean “I see,” but it can also mean “I’ve heard what you say,” or “I’m doubtful of your statement,” or “I’m not going to say what I really think, but I seriously question your sanity right now.” And in Japanese, it’s actually normal to say that a lot in conversation because of how the culture works (this is actually something I only recently learned, because they don’t do this in anime or games all that much and my Japanese professor never explained this; I came across it in a video on a channel about how languages work).

    So, the fact that he talks this way probably sounds a lot more natural in Japanese and probably makes him come across as a quiet guy who doesn’t talk much, but at least is polite enough to pay attention to the conversation.
    Maybe. Never played Shenmue, so I don’t actually know how it’s being used.

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