Shenmue 3 Is The Latest Crowdfunded Game To Go Epic Store Exclusive

Shenmue 3 has taken the Dark Bargain, and will be an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC. This, understandably, has not gone over well with backers.

As yet another crowdfunded game takes Epic’s money, we have to wonder what this means for crowdfunding as a whole. Potential backers are being trained not to trust the studio’s they’re paying, which is not a lesson anyone needs to be taught.

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  1. Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man

    This is no longer a joke: Support piracy. Don’t give them money.

  2. Just wait for the torrent version to come out and play it without the need for some launcher…
    Enjoy the game without contributing to the Epic Exclusive bs.

  3. Deep Sliver is still pissed at pc gamers for standing up against them since metro

  4. i like the term “cornsyrup effect” its really on point.

  5. Epic Games is buying crowd-funded games because of guaranteed users.

  6. Kickstarter literally runs like Darth Vader. “I am altering the deal. Pray I do not alter it further.”

  7. This seems like the kind of dodgy shit that should be grounds for an automatic refund.

  8. Best distribution platform option.
    Doesn’t have cloud saving.

    Pick one.

  9. A Hat in Time:

    30.000 original kickstarter goal
    Passion project.
    No publisher.
    On Steam.

    This shit:
    2.000.000 original goal.
    Followup to a terrible game.
    Epic store exclusive.
    Lies about the reason.

    Be smart. Buy a hat in time.

  10. Legally this a bait and switch, there has also been a clear deception. I have no trust in games in 2019.

  11. “Do you know the place where sailors hang out.”

    Ever tried the brothel?

  12. – Buys 2 games in a row in the Epic store, because there’s no shopping card
    – Gets banned for fraud
    *Best platform ever made*

  13. Oh lordy, and tons of people were hyped for this game too…
    As Doctor Strange said, “we’re in the endgame now…,”

  14. I have to say… my bank account is loving Epic at the moment.

  15. How to play Shenmue 3:

    You don’t. Play Yakuza 0 instead.

  16. This is why I don’t pay for a game until I can immediately get to play it as a complete release.

  17. So Tim Swine and his nutlickers damaged not only PC games atmosphere but also damaged croudfunding…
    And Epic fans still trying to protect these pieces of human garbage?

  18. Well to give them some credit, its a very bold and exciting move to publicly declare that you won’t be following federal law when it comes to refunds

  19. Shade's Insane Chamber

    Oh damn… not only goin’ to the Epic Side of the force…

    They are in for an epic Backlash~

  20. You are right Jim. After this and Outer Wilds, I will never back another Kickstarter again.

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