Shakedown: Hawaii – Capitalist Simulator (Jimpressions)

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Shakedown Hawaii is about being a cynical, awful person who doesn’t respect the law and actively hurts people to make money. Basically, it’s about a CEO.

The latest from the Retro City Rampage studio, this Grand Theft Auto style take on capitalistic business models is worth a scope.


  1. Ooooooh, I’ve been waiting to see what you thought about this game.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this game ever since it was first announced…

    And it didn’t disappoint…

  3. The only question is: Why is your gorgeous countenance not in this game???

  4. 0:00 I already love this game

  5. I particularly enjoy your rambling, jim

  6. oh another rambling low-effort video. Cool, I needed something to watch with my lunch. 😀

    I do miss when you used to insult the audience at the start tho. 🙁

  7. What is with telling someone you dont watch their videos, if you dont like content how is it so domanint in your mind to complain about????

  8. I will grab this on switch and give it a bash. Cheers Jim lad.

  9. This seems like a great game. Thank you for the vid, Jim.

  10. No thanks, I never buy a game where you can die to space wind.

  11. Pants Down, Trousers Up is the title of Randy Pitchford’s best magic trick.

  12. Валерий Князев

    So… Bobby Kotick: The Game?

  13. Swords Dance Gaming

    Pants down. Trousers up.

    Yes. You two can have two pairs of pants on.

  14. The art style reminds me of the Sega Mega-drive era, Something like the later Code-master games like Micro Machines.

  15. I love your rambling, and I’ve really missed your videos on indie games

  16. “Game over, you were killed by space wind” is a line I’m not 100% convinced isn’t in a micro-transaction laden mobile game somewhere.

  17. he’s in the very first stage of becoming a socialist where you cant shut up about capitalism. warms my heart

  18. It surprises me that you talk a lot about the epic store exclusivity bullshit but don’t mention the fact that this game was supposed to come to Steam and a week before releasing it they made it EGS exclusive

  19. Things I could do with more of:
    -indie game videos
    -positive videos
    -Jim Sterling’s gorgeous countenance

  20. A game about ruthless business tactics… that fell to ruthless business tactics.
    I’d say Epic is being meta but we all know they’re just being sleazy.

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