Shadow: Treachery Cannot Be Tolerated – Literally The Worst Game On Steam (Direct To Video)

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This game was actually better when it was an empty folder.


  1. I saw the “worst game” moniker and came here immediately. Actually scratch the “here”.

  2. I’m going to put this on my “watch later” list for when I get home. But if this melts my face off Indiana Jones style, I’m sending you the bill JIm.

  3. When I see the title “worst game on steam”: Okay, HOW?!

    When I see the first frame of the video: Oh…

    Edit: What if this game is all some elaborate ARG or creepypasta? Like, if anyone actually gets past this first “level” the real game starts and it’s incredible and / or terrifying? What if the secrets of life are contained within this .exe and we merely need to work together to hack the game and complete this level? I mean, there’s literally no way that’s possible, but I want to believe.

  4. >start video
    >immediately see default Unity horizon background

    Oh, it’s gonna be one of those games…

  5. Shadow: *Horrible Excuse for Game Development* Cannot Be Tolerated

  6. if they had forgotten to upload the .exe, the game would be just as playable.

  7. “Literally The Worst Game On Steam.” That is one hell of a claim.

    Edit: Objection rescinded.

  8. In The Mind of Kibara

    Direct is definitely working guys!!!!!111!1!!!

  9. Oh my god it’s using the default unity skybox as the starting background….

    Jim my dear, I am so sorry

  10. AlternateAlternative

    You have to actually TRY to make a game this bad.

  11. I’m a little surprised Jim managed to squeeze 12+ mins of video out of this. RIP Steam.

  12. there are people who gave this a thumbs up on steam meaning it has a “mixed” score instead of “overwhelmingly negative”

  13. An empty folder at least has potential

  14. Maybe Steam should run its algorithm on itself and see if it would allow itself on… Itself.

  15. Did they just like, do a gun sound with their mouths, like kids do, for the sound effect?
    what the hell?

  16. Ambient Film Tracks

    Said it once and I’ll say it again…Can we please have story time with Uncle Jim Jim where you live stream some really bad Steam Direct games like this and chat with the community? Perhaps there is already a Discord server or something you already do this with that I’m unaware of or some reason why you don’t live stream already but if not, please consider! Better yet…Just live stream challenge this game until you can beat this level.

  17. I miss the old days, when games were master pieces like Spear of destiny, Sword Of Fortress The Onomuzim or Life Of Black Tiger
    Still, waiting until this releases in PS4

  18. Believe it or not, but there are people who have beaten it. If you kill everyone a terribly narrated cutscene plays, and the game ends. Yup… That’s it.

  19. Here’s what happens if you finish it:
    You actually have to shoot right to the enemies to hit them, just as it was proposed by an anti-video game violance journalist in this week’s Jimquisition.

  20. “Literally The Worst Game On Steam” well that just has to be hyperbole… oohhhh ooohhhhhh.

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