Shadow The Ronin: The Revenge To The Samurai – Another Stunning PS4 Exclusive! (Jimpressions)

Who needs Ghost of Tsushima when you have Gilson B. Pontes? He makes Sekiro look like amateur hour!

Yes, the legendary failure that is Gilson B. Pontes has another dreadful videogame about some guy running around and getting killed by monsters. But this time you can SWIM!

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  1. Michael Dunleavy

    How can he swim so fast in all that armour? Well, at least he’s not Jesus

  2. The fact this dude charges for “games” is despicable. They’re more like trashfires

  3. YES! Gilson B Pontes kept his promise with you to return every year for another entry on the Shittiest games of the Year list. The World is right again.

  4. Spectacular Spider-Man

    Gilson B. Pontes is the Hideo Kojima of Tommy Wiseaus

  5. Even the titles feel like they are made by a robot

  6. I was going to do the “who needs Ghost of Tsushima” joke but I see ol’ Jimothy beat me to it

  7. The legend has an IMDB profile of all things, made by himself I would assume
    “Gilson B. Pontes is a director, producer, writer, composer, editor and video game designer, known for Shadow the Ronin (2020), Samael the Legacy of Ophiuchus (2019), Sword of Fortress the Onomuzim (2018) and Spear of Destiny the Kaiseki (2017). He has a great fascination for classic American cinema and has as it’s your biggest reference, Orson Welles.”

    What a multitalented champ

  8. my friend posted a video of him playing this game to the elden ring subreddit posing it as an Elden Ring alpha.
    Was a great troll, I thought it was hilarious.
    For the record he killed all dragons because he is masochistic

  9. Wow, new record of being early for me. Looks like Gilson has given us his yearly entry for the shittest games of the year! Honestly I’m surprised there wasn’t some nonsense or pretentious word(s) in the title of the game, I mean the title is still shit, but it’s not nearly as pretentious as Gilson’s previous titles.

  10. Firstname Lastname

    Everyone who bought this thought it was a Wu-Tang album.

  11. Ghost of Edge: Revenge Darkness Samurai, Ronnin of the Shadows

    Sounds like an Amazon title for a crappy chinese knockoff

  12. Richard Batchelor - Composer

    2020. The Gilson B Pontes of years.

  13. Ah, Shadow the Ronin, the long awaited sequel to “Shadow the Hedgehog” and “Shadow the Colossus”

  14. Gilson B Pontes is an anagram of Goblin Stepson. Also: Glibness on top.

  15. Well, at least Mr. Gilson B Pontes is achieving brand recognition. Maybe not for the best reasons but still.

  16. Илья Шиманов

    I strongly suspect that the guy develops “games” each year to get thrashed by Jim and get some notoriety.

  17. Jim Sterling please check out these 2 other ‘masterpieces’ on the PSN store:
    Little Adventure On The Prairie and
    Crash Dummy

  18. I’m Gilson B. Pontes and this is my favourite game on the PlayStation Store.

  19. *Sees title*: “Ooh I wanted a new PS4 game to play!

    *then sees Gilson. B. Pontes*: “O-oh”

  20. “Gilson may very well be improving as a developer” That’s encouraging to hear. Maybe by the year 2030 he’ll have worked his way up all the way from “Awful Dark Souls Knock-off” to “Mediocre Dark Souls Knock-off”. I wish him all the best.

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