Shadow Of War’s True Ending Allegedly Locked Behind Grind Or Loot Boxes

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Oh yes, it’s another video about ! You know you love it.

Allegations mount of a “true ending” hidden behind a giant ol’ grind… a grind that can of course be mitigated by purchasing some of that in- currency and taking part in the ’s favorite form of practically-!


  1. I believe games should be reviewer on their own merit. Oh and the micro-transactions are part of the game therefore they are part of the merit. Sorry WB. Wait, no I’m not sorry.

  2. What people don’t seem to understand (and I’m in no way defending loot boxes. They need to die out.) is that these loot boxes are 100% optional, just like the multiplayer element. You don’t need to spend a dime outside of the money you spent to buy the game to get the loot these boxes offer. From what I’ve read and seen you can earn them/the currency to buy them in game.

  3. Basically taking immersion of entering a gaming world for the sake of increased profits. There veil between gaming and business is thinner than ever. There’s no way I can play this game without knowing this is just some convoluted Skinner box. It really rips the heart of of the series.

  4. No like games like arkham knight had a true ending behind a massive grind

  5. So I want opinions on something I’ve been thinking about.

    If there was a hypothetical game that runs off of a subscrption service (let’s say an MMO), and the main drive to keep playing the game was these loot boxes completely detached from any microtransactions, would that be considered just as greedy or exploitative? Because it’s still trying to get you to keep paying through the boxes, but it’s also paying for the rest of the game and doesn’t sound as tempting. I’m just seeing if I can find a way to incorporate these things in a scum-free way where everyone is happy.

  6. Let them go on with this, the point of critical mass is coming

  7. You and mack from worth a buy are about the only reviewers that call out these money grabbing publishers for what they are.

  8. TheEnlightenedFool

    OMFG I can’t wait to play this game!

    When the GOTY edition is 5$ on Steam

  9. I hope one of these days, a publisher would get heavily fined because of stuff like this, but im not holding my breath, since we dont live in a fair world..

  10. In future, you should rate games in 2 ways:
    One, rate the game itself and the studio behind it

    Two, rate the publisher.

    In this case, the game and studio gets a 9/10, the publisher would get a 1/10.

    FUCK WB.

  11. I’ll wait for the game to be out for awhile and might buy a key. This first Middle-Earth game wasn’t very fun to me. More of just a grind.

  12. it is out already?

    time to visit Piratebay.

  13. hey jim, in the Monster Hunter Series, in order to craft better gear(which is the entire power curve) you get monster parts from the monsters you hunt. At the end of each hunt, the parts you get are mostly random, with more uncommon and desirable parts having a chance to not drop at all. Is this an example of what you mean when about “good” loot boxes?

  14. But Jim do you think this game will have bugs and glitches if do so would you give it a 1/10?

  15. Someone should really make a montage of Jim, thanks god for him, saying “TriPplE a”

  16. Who claimed your video Jim? I see an ad. Someone’s gonna get a verbal whoopin for this one.

  17. To be fair legendary should be hard to get ? but i get the point

  18. The last game to actually have a true ending that wasn’t DLC or something you had to pay for was Halo 3’s legendary ending. And that was over 10 years ago.

  19. Glad they did not demonetize this video

  20. We need a stock phrase for WB.
    Since “fuck” is already used in kontext with Konami, I sugest “get plowed WB!”.

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