Shadow Of War Removing Loot Box Marketplace Ha Ha Ha

After months and months and months on the market, Monolith Productions claims itR;s just started to realize the loot boxes MIGHT be undermining the gameplay.

course, loads of people were saying this even before launch. I said it often, loudly, repetitively.

IR;m shocked less about the removal the monetization than I am at anybody thinking weR;d believe the PR surrounding this update.


  1. I don’t know what’s more pitiful: WB trying to save face this late when it was one of the emblematic titles of the Year of the Lootbox, or the people who clung onto the status quo for so long because everything is fine.

    …or people that legitimately made response videos to Commentocracy because if Cuphead ever got an Easy Mode HELL WILL BE RAISED!

  2. Perhaps the loot boxes actually hurt there bottom line. In the pursuit of catching a few whales, a fickle and difficult audience to read, they might’ve lost too many sales for any whales they did catch to account for.

    It’s probably underperformed in sales.

  3. I’ll buy the game, when it updates. If only to send a message. I’m aware that that is probably what they are counting on… but other than writing hundreds of angry comments (which I’ve already done) I see no better way for my voice to be heard by the fuckers in the publishing industry.

  4. Who’s betting in the next game in this series that lootboxes will miraculously come back, despite their little realization?

  5. Cold Coffee Gamer

    I’m fine with waiting for these, freemium experiences charging premium prices, to become part of a Humble Monthly bundle. I don’t really feel hype for AAA games anymore.

  6. Does anyone else hear Jim’s mock voice whenever you read “triple A”.
    Is there help to get?

  7. 1:00 when PR released this kind of lengthy, “colory” statement, always remember the rule of thumb:

    They are lying.
    It’s an art. Simply an art of word construction

  8. It’s like the 3A gaming industry is actually pushing as into waiting a year or so after the release date. Not only do you get a less buggy more content-rich and cheaper game but now you also get it without microtransactions.

    They repeatedly punish early adopters, the people who put their faith in them(however misguided) instead of finding ways to reward them.

    And these people come back for more. Gluttons for punishment

  9. I suppose it would be kinda hard as a dev, to say, yeah Company X and the share holders just wanted us to put in loot boxes, on top of the pressure from an internal corporate culture along with a type of loyalty agreement that states an employee can not paint a negative picture or post anything that could be deemed negative to the public about any game they are working on for their employers or owners. Speculation of course.

  10. Game servers are probably closing, so they are making the game single player compatible :p

  11. I sleep like a game publisher, I lie on one side, and then I lie on the other side.

  12. Is never to late, specially because now they may balance the late game, and people may be able to enjoy the game they already bought, and if they release the ultimate edition people could get it to enjoy.

  13. Triggerino Kripperino

    Now when it goes on sale over the summer I’ll grab it 🙂

  14. They probably removed them only for the fact the game is past that prime to make the money from the microtransactions and removing them puts them on good side of consumers. In reality, it is just to look like kindness when it really was just because the best time to generate revenue has now past.

    EDIT: Right as I was typing that, I got to the part where you discuss and cover that. You really know your shit Jim!

  15. Jim, are you going to post a video discussing the recent federal court decision in Washington State that deemed buying a form of credits to be able to play a Casino mobile game as illegal? It’s a pretty huge deal.

    Living in WA myself I’m pretty happy that this step could be taken.

  16. Brought a used copy and realized that this game wasn’t better then the 1st one, traded it in for a much better game…. MONSTER HUNTER WORLD.

  17. The sales dried up, so NOW they remove it to say praise us and people who didnt buy the game get it now please.

  18. All this recent AAA garbage has driven me back to Warframe… And I forgot how much I enjoy that game.

  19. The procrastinators win again!

  20. Still no buy.

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