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  1. you fuckwit, peter jackson didn’t write LOTR, j.k. rowling did

  2. Can’t wait for shadow of whoredore an xxx parody

  3. If they can make the nemesis system even better , This is going to be a “VERY” strong contender for game of the year

  4. If only this was based around Dagor Dagorath. It’s set in Mordor, not Aman ? would’ve been fucking awesome to have Morgoth, considering there’s a Balrog

  5. Tolkien wrote the books. Peter Jackson just turned them into poop

  6. Middle Earth: War
    would not be a bad name to be honest.

  7. Fuck. If they add large scale battles with friendly AI, a large feeling of verticality with fortress sieges and possible aerial combat, and really go full out with enemy types, all this *ALONGSIDE* the Nemesis system… we’d have ourselves a fucking game.

  8. Microtransactions, high prices and all the DLC shit right with the freaking announcement instantly made me not carrying about the game anymore.

    This whole AAA industry can not collapse in on itself early enough if it is up to me.

  9. Does is Jim Sterling gay tbh?

  10. A better name could’ve been Middle Earth: War for Mordor.

  11. shadow of war sounds like an android or ios game trying to mislead people into thinking it’s a different game and buying it. like “age of emperors” or “game of war”

  12. I still do not predict a good pc port.

  13. I’d like another game like LOTR Third Age, that game is a bloody gem.

  14. I’m very worried this will be a very much focus-tested type sequel. Was very disappointed to see they’ve announced 2 story DLC’s before even showing ANY gameplay too… Just for the love of God keep the gameplay fun.

  15. so wait
    did grim mc wraithdude forge a ring of power just like that?
    i don’t think the writers realize how gary stu that is

  16. So, the expanded nemesis system will let you become enemies with stuff like cliffs you fall off or booty traps?

  17. So this is basically what the Batman Arkham games pulled. Batman Arkham this, Batman Arkham that. I am going to guess the next game in this series will be Shadow of Dark? Shadow of Bleak? Shadow of Shadows?

    Oh well the first game was good.. that nemesis system was fine as hell. Refine that bit and you have a purchase

  18. Shadow of Hodor. The object of the game is to stand next to a very large man on the opposite side of the sunlight.

  19. Why not “War of Mordor”? Makes considerably more sense

  20. man watching that guy forge the ring cracks me up, that’s right bud, just beat the everloving fuck out of it ”just putting the finishing touches on it!” KLUNK KLUNK KLUNK!

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