Senna: Shadow’s Embrace | Champion Animated Trailer – League of Legends

Those trapped in darkness need light the most.

Music by Riot Music Team. Additional production by The Crystal Method.
Animation by Digic Pictures.



  1. *Support:* Thresh
    *ADC:* Senna

    Lucian ?

  2. >Thresh and Senna on same team
    >Thresh throws her his lantern

  3. Xayah: finally a real *waifu* our battle will be legendary

  4. e-couples havent been this riled up since the xayah rakan release

  5. Thresh : I will oneshot you Lucian
    Lucian : not anymore

  6. Th and Lu
    In game: best bot lane duo
    In story: wife stealing enemy…
    Senna and Lu
    In story: wife and husband
    In game: hmm…

  7. Lucian: double guns
    Wife: *MINES BIGGER*

  8. Imagine Thresh & Senna bot:
    Thresh throws latern to Senna and she just cant take it xD

  9. For those who didn’t notice, this is a continuation to “The Climb” cinematic

  10. Imagine if thres was crit how short the video would be

  11. Thresh : Sup
    Senna: ADC
    Lucian: ?

  12. 0:50 Lucian: you should’ve gone for the head

  13. 2:00 he is such a cutie :c im glad he got his wife back

  14. Amarieeopteryx, Asmatzaile Definitiboa.

    Now that you have finished Lucian’s story, finish Taliyah’s and Azir’s.

  15. Report Lucian for trolling. Loses to f***ing Thresh support.

  16. Evelynn: ive seen your wife you can do better

    Senna: what did you say?

  17. *thresh throws lantern to senna*
    Thresh:”wtf grab it !!”
    Senna:”I won’t do the same error twice”

  18. Evelynn: Agony’s embrace
    Senna: Shadow’s embrace

  19. Just imagine the interaction that she’ll have with Thresh when he throws her the lamp.

  20. 50k subscribers before 2020 to save my cat


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