Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – It’s Fine That It Isn’t Dark Souls (OMGH)

Another trailer reaction video for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I also talk about how it’s okay for From Software to make games that aren’t Dark Souls.


  1. I’m certain there will be some arsehole out there that will say, “iTs lIKe dArK SoULs!”

  2. Did people forget that from software has been doing different genres for more than a decade

  3. A game from a “Triple AAA” publisher that I’m actually excited for.

  4. But Jim, everyone knows Dark Souls is the only true video game in the world and anyone who doesn’t play it is a noob scrub who’s bad at games

  5. activision popped up on the screen after 10 seconds and a naturally winced… i now naturally wince when activision appears on the screen after 10 seconds

  6. From Software always amazes me with their games…best developer imo

  7. Sekiro: I cummed on my own shadow twice

  8. Activision? No thank you.

  9. Well the square-cube law would make that size somewhat physics-defying, but if there is magic in the universe in question then…well I guess it would still be physics-defying, but…not immersion breaking, I guess.

  10. Are there any good first person action RPGs? Like a modern King’s Field? I mean besides the open world Elder Scrolls type ones.

  11. Code Vein is my dark souls game.

  12. Fallout: Liberty Hell

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say this will be better than King’s Field

  13. We all know that this would be called the dark souls of dark souls even if it wasn’t made by the dark souls people with the dark souls game play of dark souls.

    Dark Souls.

  14. How do you say ‘Git Gud’ in Japanese?

  15. I hope Belgium calls you as an expert to testify in the EA case XD

  16. Honestly I am happy this isn’t like Dark Souls, from demons souls to Bloodborne I have had my good fill of Souls experience, and from playing Dark SOuls 3 I could tell myself and others are too used to it and overall just just find its always a similiar experience. it would be nice to get a break from souls and then have From Software make another Souls like when we are all really hungry for it.

    And people, there are alternative Souls like games out there if you are so desperate, its really its own genre and some of the games that try to emulate 9its experience are not so bad.

  17. Complaining that this isn’t like Dark Souls is like complaining Dark Souls wasn’t like The Adventures Of Cookie And Cream.

  18. I’m not concerned with it not being souls, I’m concerned with it being activision. Even if it’s good I really don’t like giving them money.

  19. Thank you for praising Guerilla and their games, they are massively underrated.

  20. How else would you know it’s a boss if it wasn’t enormous when compared to your character?

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