Sega Halts Sale Of Judgment Due To Actor’s Cocaine Allegations

Sega has stopped shipping Judgment in Japan, and halted its digital sales, due to actor Pierre Taki’s recent arrest for alleged cocaine use.

In Japan, drug allegations are about as bad as it can get, and in response Sega has gone out of its way to eliminate associations, going so far as to delete tweets about the game on its Japanese Twitter feed.

We currently have no idea what impact this will have on Judgment’s release overseas.

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  1. Oh goodness. Oh my dear goodness.
    Had to put down my bong for a sec to voice this displeasure. Was about to take a dab

  2. Why am I even buying games if it’s not going to feed the drug habits of the artists who worked on them?

  3. Japan’s enforcement of drug laws would have made Nancy Reagan cream her panties.

  4. If this happened anywhere in the West literally no one would’ve cared

  5. Jim…I was having a decent day. Why must you crush my dreams?

  6. To find out that drug use is so heavily discouraged in japan leaves me with FAAAAAAAAR too many questions about how most anime came to be….

  7. Semilocon Germanball

    So, they did pass Judgment on this actor.

  8. It just goes to show that cultural differences can be so amazingly different.

  9. Are you telling me that Yoko Taro isn’t on drugs?

  10. Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man

    In 90’s ECW:
    ECW halts PVP due to wrestler not snorting enough cocaine.

  11. What a relief, it’s only drug charges. I was worried it was gonna be a crime that makes me disrespect him like murder or sexual assault.

  12. I can’t help but laugh at the fact that a voice actor for Olaf, a literal snow-man, turns out to actually snort cocaine.

  13. Remember when the rurouni kenshin creator got convicted of having child porn and admitting he wanted to sleep with underage children only got a fine, slap on the wrist and then had his character added to jumpforce & carried on his manga outside of america.

    But apparently doing drugs has caused more damage to this guys career instead?

  14. “Big fan of the Yakuza”
    -Jim Sterling 2019

  15. SuperKittyPogoDance

    Currently living in Japan. I’m not allowed to even make jokes about drugs. I got in a shitload of trouble for even mentioning “weed” once.

  16. Meanwhile, every Japanese salary man goes out to get absolutely hammered every single day.

  17. Taking guilt by association to a comical extreme. Feel bad for all the people who worked on this game that is punished for no reason.

  18. Don’t do drugs, kids. you might delay a good game.

  19. In Japan Pierre Taki snorts some coke and devs halts sales and stops shipping
    In America Chris Brown beats Rihanna to pulp up and is still allowed to be signed to a record label.

    What a world.

  20. Step right up! Step right up! Get the limited first edition of Judgement featuring the likeness of Pierre Taki before he was remodeled to Matt Damon!

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