Scummy: XSEED Removes People From Game Credits If They Leave The Company

XSEED Games has quite rightly found itself in a big bucket of flaming poo after revealing their policy of removing people from their games’ credits if they ever leave.

Somehow, XSEED thought the revelation of this policy would clear them once a former producer, Brittany Avery, said her name was taken out of the credits for Trails of Cold Steel.

Well, that didn’t clear them. It made things worse. Because you cannot claim to appreciate hard work when you literally refuse to acknowledge the people who’ve done said word. This is vile.

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  1. _I guess we know what happened to Paul Ryan (not that one)_

  2. Donovan The Gamer

    Bro, this is quite literal clickbait! This is why i can’t really respect you anymore!

  3. How can you have a morally good excuse to not credit those who worked on the game? Really any individual contribution should be acknowledged and commended.

  4. Credits do not exist to be a staff directory. They exist to give credit to the people that worked on a game. If they do the work, they deserve the credit. Period.

  5. Credit should be given where credit is due. What a dirty policy.

  6. Even Konami left Hideo Kojima’s name in the credits for Metal Gear Solid 5 and the remaster of Zone Of Enders 2

  7. By this logic, nobody worked on Dead Space 2.

  8. How to kill your overseas market 101 :
    1. Don’t credit your localization officer

  9. Not crediting people for their work? Have we jumped back a few decades in gaming?

  10. From my understanding, she helped spearhead the localization of Cold Steel 1 and 2 on PS3 and Vita so she’s credited there, but she wasn’t around for the releases of the PS4 ports. That sucks because it’s essentially HER translation work and stuff

  11. wow, even Metal Gear 5 still had Kojima in the credits, this small developer is worse then Konami…

  12. So technically that means if someone dies after working on a game, they will then rip their name from the credits. That is company policy after all.

  13. It’s not enough to remove the policy. They should reinstate the names they removed in all their games.

  14. Insert credit.

    No Xseed. The other type of credit.

  15. I like XSeed’s work, but they done F*@#!ed up.

    “Hiding behind company policy does not help you when you are the company.”
    Thank God for you, Jim.

  16. Shareware Wizard

    It’s literally just punishing people for leaving their company.

  17. That’s a bad thing you did.
    ‘I’m sorry, but that’s company policy.’
    But isn’t it your company?
    So can’t you change the policy?
    ‘I’m afraid that is against our policy.’

  18. “Morally repugnant” is 2019’s modus operandi.

  19. ‘Our company policy has ALWAYS been to feast on the flesh of the juiciest looking employee, why are you upset about it?’

  20. Patch Notes;

    Bug fixes – remove names of employees who left

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