Savjz Hearthstone: The reason why druid combo needs to be nerfed

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  1. Savjz Hearthstone

    If you were curious where the thumbnail originates from, our local sub
    Zackira does both awesome and hilarious artwork over on their tumblr, this
    specific one comes from here:

  2. 1 dislike… the only one playing combo druid here

  3. Super calm rage quit lol

  4. I hate druid so much i stopped playing ranked

  5. no fucking shit…its needed to be nerfed forever….one of the biggest
    reasons i quit where those 2 stupid fucking cards

  6. 17 days until we are free FeelsGoodMan

  7. Get outskilled scrub

  8. Savjz just jinxed it. if he hadn’t say that he would’ve been safe.

  9. a typical finnish calm ragequit

  10. Druid is such a skillful class ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. NotLikeThis
    “not fun and interactive” Ben Brode on Warsong Commander

  12. sure savjz have never played combo druid himself

  13. EleGiggle FUN EleGiggle AND EleGiggle INTERACTIVE EleGiggle

  14. 16 BrokeBack player disliked the video

  15. Jaszczur Jaszczurski

    i hate boring druid every druids plays only one tactic only one deck

  16. they just really have to nerf these two cards thats pretty much it

  17. I really have to congratulate you on staying calm. Some of us would have
    punched a wall.

  18. I still think the best way to nerf the combo would be to up the cost of
    Savage Roar to 4 and reduce the cost of Force to 5.
    Combo stays the same at 9, but now you can’t do those double combo
    shenanigans without two Innervates or an Emperor tick on two of the pieces
    with an Innervate as well.

    I’m alright with combo being nerfed, but the class has been riding on it
    for a long time. If combo is nerfed to the ground then I’d like for there
    to finally be good class cards added. Not stupid stuff like “Wisps of the
    Old Gods”

  19. João Antonio Carvalho

    HS is suck a fun game!

  20. Remember guys, taking 20+ damage in one turn is not particularly fun or

  21. totally balanced. super fair. Kappa

  22. Miss play haha xD

  23. Oh yeah it was stupid shit like this that made me quit playing now I

  24. Soul crushing.

  25. Missplay.

  26. This is why playing vs druid is annoying as fuck. Like in this situation,
    do you just pay pyro equality, and potentially have a weaker board next
    turn vs the druid? Or do you do what Savjz did, and still die to a
    disgusting combo? Fuck that.

  27. Chat so smart.

  28. fuck ranked

  29. Druid such an braindead class.

  30. dat 60fps tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  31. ALWAYS LISTEN TO TWITCH CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I hate this combo ?

  33. Not sure why anyone wastes their time playing Hearthstone.

  34. I’ve been saying this for years and NOW people realize how broken this is.

  35. NotLikeThjis

  36. Really balanced and interactive gameplay.

  37. Well, glad they removed patron and kept this fun and interactive deck up
    and running :

  38. ☑ “This guy’s deck is CRAZY!” ☑ “My deck can’t win against a deck like
    that” ☑ “He NEEDED precisely those four cards to win” ☑ “He topdecked the
    only card that could beat me” ☑ “He had the perfect cards” ☑ “There was
    nothing I could do” ☑ “I played that perfectly”

  39. what did you said at ? funny

  40. Hey man. As a paladin main my gameplay vs druid is NEVER GET BELOW 22
    hp…..if you do that and he has no minions you CAN win, maybe..the misplay
    was not killing everything man, always kill ALL the minions malfurion puts
    on board

  41. Well the will nerf FON for sure (They realized charge is a lame mechanic)
    New FON: Give your Charge minions +2/+2

  42. Illuminatti Champion

    Yeah, blizzards been extreemly lazy at not nerphing this. Kinda should be
    nerfed righjt now, but of course, it’s not.

  43. Skill ^^

  44. Is it combo, or is it Innervate / Thaurissan tho

  45. Im a paladin only player i never change classes since I started hearthstone
    and I never have issues with this druid combo if you stick to certain meta
    decklists and keep getting smashed by the same combo thats just your fault
    not a broken mechanic. You need to have cards that force them to use mana
    uneffectivly or they lose so they cant pull combos in the first place.
    However when you are using staple cards that force the same patterns dont
    be surprised when you keep losing to the same shit. Now if that combo got
    nerfed people wouldnt care because it would seem justified but its a very
    bad angle to look at when nerfing cards ect because I know the same shit
    could happen to a balanced play on a paladin i use one day and if i dont
    mention itnowi cant mention it when its to late

  46. “interactive gameplay”

  47. and this is why the best players in the world are at only a 70% win rate
    lol. A lot of luck to draw those perfect cards.

  48. a 4 mana combo, that needs an existing board, killed me. nerf everything
    but me!

  49. Blancuzproductions

    I hope someone subbed or donated for the “Rape Victim fund” after seeing

  50. I completely agree, I’ve had this happen to me as well and the druid had to
    go through a counter spell with his second innervate as well. It was a very
    fun and interactive game.

  51. BrokleBack Mhhm, well played BrokeBack

  52. OTK!!! OTK!!!

  53. In my opinion midrange/combo druid takes less skill than face hunter,
    zoolock, etc


  55. A motherfking SKILL Deck that Druid scum !

  56. [BrokeBack intensifies]

  57. FeelsBadMan

  58. Was even better with chat. Everyone was yelling misplay and he was just
    like nah its fine

  59. That’s so interactive and fun I bursted a vein

  60. The Incredible John


  61. The problem is that its not even rare. Druid has the tool to go late and
    farm the right hand to Emperor.

    I played all day on Thursday and was double combod at least 10 times. Its a

  62. Nice playing around it when you could have. “””Pro””” player. Keep whining
    about a common and regular combo when you keep playing into it.

  63. JDizzle TheNizzle


  64. saracu saviz

  65. More Gun Free Man

    It’s been the same combo for as long as there has been a release version of
    HS, and *now* we have a problem with it?

    A 4 card combo is definitely not op, it is so extremely unlikely that it
    might as well not matter. Besides, if the game was at a later stage, Savjz
    would have even had the information of his opponent likely holding this
    combo, in which case he could have played around it better. In this case it
    was correct to make the losing play, which kind of sucks, but it’s a very
    fringe case. The possibility of something like this is common to any match
    up, and pretty much most card games in general.

    The druid combo is nothing compared to secret paladin basically needing to
    only do reasonably well in the early game, then dropping his dr. 6. Or even
    a mech mage with a perfect board flood opening. Or a freeze mage with the
    perfect draw order, and so on… Each of those decks actually only need
    luck for their early game to win. The druid needs a somewhat consistent
    performance all the way to the late game, AND THEN they need to have the
    cards for the combo…


    their gametesters are prob their grandkiddies

  67. FeelsVeryVeryVeryBadMan

  68. loooooooool

  69. Амаль Багиров

    Су1ка всегда так, этому гребаному друиду всегда везет, играешь за милл
    рогу, и этот ебучий мурлок последний в колоде бывает… А тут 3 ебучие
    карты, всегда! всегда!

  70. Force of Nature 5 Mana Savage Roar 4 Mana Problem solved. Double Combo
    would be 13 Mana, Double Savage Roar would be 8 Mana.

    that’s a fair nerf. not like Blizzard Style a “Let’s destroy it” nerf.

  71. The reason i don’t wanna touch the ladder anymore.

  72. i see the point but i mean, any class has a high combo if they have the
    exact cards they need and the board to pull it off..

  73. @01:20 “he literally needed to have precisely those four cards.” Exactly.
    Why the fuck moan about it needing a nerf? A four card combo needs a nerf?
    Oh, please.

  74. I get that druid combo is OP and I hate it too but this is a pretty rare

  75. missplay Kappa

  76. Conquest - Best of Hearthstone

    Hi Savjz! Loved the video!

  77. BrokeBack

  78. they need to remove any combo that can pull off otk’s that easily. Take
    everyfin pala, they run more removal than you have taunts. same with druid,
    they have so much board control that you are forced to leave at least one
    minion up lategame. If you play a taunt they just deal eith it instead and
    then postpone the combo one turn. I don’t care that it’s a 4 card combo for
    FoN roar innervate roar,because druid arguably has one of the best ways to
    survive till when you can just wait for the last pieces. At least with
    combolock you are in some sort of clock and requires some setup with
    peddler to deal 20+ dmg. hell, even freezemage cannot otk you unless they
    are extremely lucky and even then you usually have at least one turn to
    heal up and remove the antonidas. If the mage only uses fireballs then you
    can ride out the 12 dmg a turn if you (can) save the heals.

    I guess the core issue is that even though druid combo isn’t the highest
    dmg combo, it’s by far the most consistent one, maybe only beaten by
    everyfin pala. Doesn’t matter if they play it on turn 10 or 20, you run out
    of taunts eventually and then it’s just over.

  79. Lol, does this video even need to exist?

  80. Druid combo:9 mana
    14 damage

    double fireball:
    8 mana
    12 damage

    I see no need for a nerf

  81. Wow, that was stupid. You have to pay attention to the cards in your
    opponent’s hand, you steam, you must know this. He was holding combo, you
    walked into when you could have played around it. That’s just your fault.

  82. if your to stupid to play around it deinstall the game

  83. I don’t really see a problem with a *two card* combo that deals *14 damage*
    at *9 mana.* Such expensive combos SHOULD be strong. Especially at 9 mana.
    Loatheb or even Belcher kind of wrecks this combo. I feel pretty safe
    playing against Combo Druid mainly as a Mid-Range Hunter when I have 2
    Belchers and one Loatheb on my deck. The people who moan against this combo
    need to grow a fucking pair and stop complaining so much.

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