Sanctum achievement guide

Hello hunters, let’s go over the more difficult achieves for Sanctum. Many of them involve secret locations which the devs seem overly fond of…

Meet the PresidentMeet the President on Arc.

To get this achievement you have to start a match on Arc. At spawn immediately turn left and jump to the small floating portion of land. Under it there will be some platforms. Jump down and land on them. Now jump the railing and turn left. After it head right, walk around the corner and stand inside the teleporter. You will be teleported and you will get this achievement.

Voyage au centre de la TerreThis is a secret achievement, can you unlock it?

Load up the map Mines and follow this video:

Lunch boxFind the sandwiches on Bridge.

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The Plot ThickensThis is a secret achievement, can you unlock it?

Load up the map Bridge. Now walk across the platform nearest the core. Look down through the grate and you’ll see a lower platform which you must fall onto by simply dropping and holding the directional key required to hit the platform below. Now walk into the hidden room and you will get this achievement.

Seven SistersFind the Babushka Doll on Mine.

Load up the map Mines and follow this video:

The MonumentThis is a secret achievement, can you unlock it?

This secret is found on the map Arc. From the starting spawn point follow the same route you would take to reach the President: turn around 180 degrees, jump to the lower level and walk forward towards the edge. Peek off from your right and you should spot two twin metal platforms. Jump down to them. Once you’re on this lower level turn left: right after the twin platforms you will see a third, longer platform. Start following it all the way towards the concrete semicircles and jump your way over all the gaps. Eventually you won’t be able to continue on the concrete semicircles and you will fall on a rocky mountain: in front of you will be some concrete square tiles. Follow them all the way to a clearing which contains the Monument that unlocks the achievement.

Path from spawn point (green) to twin platforms (red):

Path from twin platforms (red) towards the concrete semicircles:

A Future FriendThis is a secret achievement, can you unlock it?

Load up the map Yogscave and follow this video:

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I Love StrawberriesGuide Box Boy to the Giant Strawberry.

Load up the map ‘Glade’ and build some default defenses and a televator to reach Box Boy. After you do that you use the sniper rifle to shoot Box Boy to the Strawberry not that far away. All of it can be done in a few minutes.

Big Game HunterShoot 9 Strawberry Fishes.
PredatorShoot 12 Strawberry Fishes.
PoacherShoot 15 Strawberry Fishes.

There are 15 strawberry fishes hidden over 5 maps (Mine, Bridge, Arc, Glade, Facility) and there are 3 fish per map. The fishes are small red stationary objects and quite easy to shoot once you know where to find one. Basically go to the map, equip the sniper rifle and shoot and most can be done within minutes.

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Keep quietThis is a secret achievement, can you unlock it?

Load the map Glade. Now, during the build phase on wave 14+, make your way to the right side of the field and jump down one of the square holes. A hatch here should open up (slowly). Jumping down will teleport you to a secret area. Once you’ve reached the end (requires some jumping), the achievement will be unlocked.

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Domo Arigato, Mr. RobotoFind the Robot buddy on Aftermath.

Load the map Aftermath and have Assault Rifle upgraded to level 3 to be able to grenade-jump. Next to a door with some crates at the other side of the map from where you start, build a block with a televator. Jump from there to a lamp (?) that sticks out of the wall. Start the wave and use at least two assault grenades to jump up to a platform with the robot. You also can get it by jumping up from the televator with the assault grenade. In both cases it might need a few tries.

SweetThis is a secret achievement, can you unlock it?

Load the map Facility in Survival mode. After wave 20 a door opens…

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Chilla Grillen!This is a secret achievement, can you unlock it?

Load the map Chasm and drop an icicle on the barbecue grill.

Strawberry Fields ForeverThis is a secret achievement, can you unlock it?

Load the map Invasion and shoot the little box to the strawberry. Watch this video.

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