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My brain of poop is here for you.


  1. I luv ur poopbrain

  2. just finish deadly premonition already

  3. I think your poop brain should go back to sexually objectifying George Woodman :O <3

  4. Big Money Rustlas? :O well hello 🙂

  5. Whoop Whoop!! Loved the Rustlers reference.

  6. I give this video the rating of poop/brain. It’s alright.

  7. so whats your though about dw9 being open world then?

  8. The Tories will be the ruin of Britain. They didn’t renew the extended support agreement with Microsoft, which meant the WinXP-run NHS was shut down by the WannaCry ransomware. The conservatives literally killed Brits through criminal negligence on that day.

  9. You should have made a Videogame Show What I Done out of this.

  10. I’m gonna say it:
    Japanese just don’t know where to stop.

  11. Numinor The Fool

    Jim being the total boss man and admitting his mistakes. If only other ‘journalists’ would be this forthcoming when they cock up reviews horribly.

  12. Jim you could rattle my funparts daft.

  13. Join us now as Jim plays The Lost Vikings on *super hardcore mode.*

  14. TheRanblingjohnny

    The game concept need somebody else to take the ball and run with it. Maybe a From Soft project.

  15. The first step is admiring you have donkey brain

  16. I will always enjoy the Empires games more than the main games. Gotta keep making a lot of Custom Characters!

  17. 4:30 – 5:04, 12:50 – 13:35

    “Nice race! Would probably race again.”

    7/10 ~ NASCAR Olympics

  18. A. k. a. Jim fucks up everything again.

  19. Errrgh, do the enemies in this game even attack ?!

  20. If you’re thinking about getting back into wrestling I cannot recommend Lucha Underground enough. It’s FANTASTIC!

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