Samurai Warriors 5 – New Look, Old Garbage (Jimpressions)

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Samurai Warriors 5 manages to disappoint me despite being part an increasing of letdowns. The Warriors series overall is in a total slump, has been for years, yet I keep hoping for better.

Tecmo Koei went the “reboot” route with this one – a silly idea if you know your Warriors games – and it’s been used as an excuse to cut yet more corners. Of course it has.


  1. Bonus Objective!!! There’s another settlement that needs your help!!!

  2. We can’t forget about what they DID to Zhang He in Dynasty Warriors IX.

  3. OBJECTIVE! You have to look at the important unskippable objectives every time.

  4. Same like Ubisoft already charging for season pass when the game isn’t finished and launch yet. Aka far cry 6. And people still accept it

  5. I’d much rather get my PS2 out and play Kessen III. That was a pretty good game.

  6. *Bonus Objective:* “Never forget what they _DID_ to Zhang He.”

    *Bonus Objective:* “Get Zhang He’s claws back.”

  7. Samurai Warriors: Minimum Common Denominator, but Even Less of It Edition

  8. I feel like calling a game “lazy” is usually not referring to the actual development, rather thinking about the overall design or direction

  9. Ironically, I would play shit out of a game where you are a weapon that is passed from person to person as an heirloom or won in battle. Don’t like your current wielder? Just let em die unfairly in battle!

  10. As The Grand Archpriest of The Church of the Algorithm, I bless this video with a comment.

  11. It’s kinda ironic that the best types of these games KT makes are based on other studio franchises like Zelda and Persona

  12. “The Katana has 3 characters”

    So accurate it hurts.

  13. ive always admired the dedication of Dynasty Warrior normie soldiers. imagine seeing a powerful warrior take on 30, 40, 50 of you at once, launching them several feet into the air and seeing them fall to their deaths, but you STILL charge towards them with your normie spear. Quite admirable.

  14. “You play as movesets in this game!” That’s honestly the most damning criticism I’ve seen for this game yet, and I hate to admit that it’s true. It really does dampen the excitement of unlocking new characters when they all play the same, although I think the exception is that they have a unique Ultimate Skill with their favorite weapon.

    I’ve also been a longtime fan of the Musou games, so I hope that Samurai Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends will be better.

  15. C’mon. Tell us how you REALLY feel. It’s OK; we’re here for ya.

  16. You can turn off the intrusive objective prompts in the settings. I know I did. It made the pacing & overall gameplay of the stages so much more smoother & enjoyable to play. 👌

  17. I can’t remember a single bonus objective I’ve ever done. This series is killing the die hards lol.

  18. iisanulquiorrahara8

    Did they never learn they could just turn the bonus objective pausing in the settings? It’s just there for the first timers anyway.

  19. It is like the intelligent but lazy student that only does well when someone is looking to make sure they do their schoolwork.

  20. I for one think it’s very progressive that they included the long-forgotten feudal Japanese vuvuzelas with every bonus objective. Such innovation!

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