Samael The Legacy Of Ophiuchus – The Worst PS4 Game Ever Made (Jimpressions)

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It is not to be said lightly, but truly, that Samael The Legacy Of Ophiuchus (no punctuation) is the worst PlayStation 4 game I’ve ever played.

Yes, worse than Life of Black Tiger. Way worse.

Gilson B. Pontes is back with yet another horror show, their worst one yet!


  1. N.obody Sevenhundred

    Now Jim, don’t say that…

    You’ll give other developers a need to make a worse one.

  2. January 9 and we already have our first entry for Top 10 Shittiest.

    Always a good sign when the opening credits feature the same name for every role.

  3. Wow. I… I didn’t think PS4 would release something worse than life of black tiger. I didn’t think it COULD…

  4. What’s the worst game everyone has played on PS4?

  5. 2:15 LightNing Supervisor : Gilbert B. Pontes

  6. Elder Scrolls 6 pre release beta. Don’t worry the devs can fix everything in 2 weeks right?

  7. Why does everything look so shiny?

  8. At least the sunlight comes from the sun and not from the ground ala FO76 😂

  9. “The bugs are a feature”

  10. Arya Aditya Purbadi

    Gilson B. Pontes, the Tommy Wiseau of gaming?

  11. Urosh Uchiha Novakovic

    I never thought I’d say this but Fallout 76 seems like a masterpiece compared to this.

  12. Why does the character you’re controlling look so……………. juicy??? He looks like he took a bath in his clothes and can’t seem to dry off for some reason..

  13. I love the attempt of using effects to hide the ugliness of the game. It’s like a goblin with makeup.

  14. Life of black dragon

  15. Shambles1980TRealOne

    changed my you tube resolution manually to 1080p because i thought it was stuck in 360p. But Nope.. the game looks that shit.

    Gibson B. Pontes

    Gibson B. Pontes

    Gibson B. Pontes

    Gibson B. Pontes

  17. Those opening credits are a real window into the creators narcissism aren’t they?

    Original Idea: Gilson B. Pontes
    Developer: Gilson B. Pontes
    Lightning Supervisior: Gilson B. Pontes
    Blur Effect Technician: Gilson B. Pontes
    Nephew of Playstation Executive: Gilson B. Pontes
    Nepotism Supervisor: Gilson B. Pontes
    Dragon Trained by: Gilson B. Pontes
    Special Dragon Effects: Gilson B. Pontes
    Dragon Costumes: Gilson B. Pontes
    Dragon Choreographed by: Gilson B. Pontes
    Dragon trained to mix concrete and sign complicated insurance forms by: Gilson B. Pontes
    Dragons noses wiped by: Gilson B. Pontes
    Large Dragon on the left hand side of the screen in the third scene from the end, given a thorough grounding in Latin, French, and ‘O’ level geography by: Gilson B. Pontes
    Suggestive Poses for the Dragon suggested by: Gilson B. Pontes
    Dragon Care by: Gilson B. Pontes

  18. “Samaeeeeeel, The Legacy of Ophiuuuuucuuuuuuuuus….”

    Skeletor, 2019

  19. I guess scamming people out of $30 is fine with Sony these days?

  20. The main question is who is Gilson B. Pontes?

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