Russian Roulette: One Life – Red Dead Revolver

Let’s face it… you know what’s gonna happen.

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  1. Agent 47 ain’t lookin’ too good

  2. Lol Russian Roulette with Blanks would blow your Brain out the Ears too 😉

  3. It’s a very budget game but…. clever premise. Reminds me of that old indie game that was shutdown due to hacker. Moai?

  4. Is this the new DLC for RDR2?

  5. Free doesn’t wash away all sins, but it surely makes them look a lot cleaner.

  6. Haha time to make a second steam account to try again xD

  7. That ending is priceless.

  8. Did you just wanna make a quick video and then get back to smash?

  9. I thought this was a Hitman 2 review

  10. The prophet strikes again!

    He says he would probably get shot first go 😵. JFSS got a talent for predicting all game related things.

  11. What no gold revolver for 3 dollars? I am disappointed.

  12. Someone actually died from playing RR with blanks, the paper fractured their skull

  13. LMAO first shot!

  14. LAWL! Dead in the first shot!

  15. One might say Jim got one-shotted.

  16. 😂😂😂😂 all that set up for the game to glitch and Jim takes a bullet straight out the gate

  17. But… you can see where the loaded chamber lands on… I mean… you… yup.

  18. Jim, I’m pretty sure Satanic rituals have better quality control.

  19. “It’s free, so that makes it okay I guess.”

    A kick in the bollocks is free. Sometimes.

  20. This is pretty ironic given Jim’s profile picture.

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