RUMOR – Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Next DLC Fighter Teased By Resetera Admin?

With E3 merely a week away we’ll no doubt be discovering one of the four upcoming Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC characters… but did a Resetera Admin just leak one?

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  1. *Gasp* It’s Captain Falcon! I knew he would be dlc pack 2!

  2. The Animated Guy

    I’m watching this at work and may have snickered out loud at 1:49…did NOT expect that xD

  3. Omg I can’t believe Pink Captain Falcon is coming to smash! So hype!

    Watches Video: I have been lied to and my day is ruined

  4. Canadianbacon 384

    Damn it, I thought captain falcon would finally get into smash with that thumbnail, clickbait!!

    i already got burned by the grinch leak.

    if…..if i see banjo i’ll die.

  6. That thumbnail gets me everytime!

  7. I knew Captain Falcon would be one of the DLC characters, glad to see he’s finally getting some recognition

  8. Super Mushroom Hill Act 1-1

    I screamed when the puzzle intro happened

    also he cant be wrong since he leaked KNACK 2 BAYBBBBBBEEEEEEEEE

  9. Yes!!!
    We are finally geting pink gold captain falcon as DLC-fighter!

  10. I could actually agree for that to be happening. :/

  11. I cannot believe this is the timeline we are in. COME ON BANJO!!!!

  12. Me: trying not to get my hopes up for Banjo
    GX: Discussion, Banjo in Smashhhh
    Rumors, Banjo in Smaaaaash
    Leak, Banjo in Smaaaaasssssshhhh!!!

  13. “Leaked information about Knack 2”

    My god, he *_must_* be legit! Also possible Banjo hype

  14. Nothing would be sweeter than to see Banjo in Smash and a new Banjo Kazooie game (perhaps on both the Switch and Xbox?)

  15. that jigsaw transition at the beginning really made me happy for some reason, idk why

  16. GameXplain really has a fetish for Captain Falcon.

    I ain’t complaining.

  17. thank you for knowing the difference between a “rumour” and a “leak”, not many people in the gaming community do so I appreciate you using the right word here.

    while I dont necessarily care about Banjo I’ve always thought he could have a very fun moveset so I’d like to see him for that reason alone

  18. TheGoldenMew 29

    Someone: im going to smash this wall
    Everyone: OMG WALL FOR SMASH

  19. 3rd party company: “smash”
    Everyone: *speculation intensifies*

  20. My faith in Humanity will remain intact if Banjo&Kazooie get into smash. Steve?….

    Hes a Mii Costume

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