Rockstar Canceled Bully 2 – Inside Gaming Daily

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  1. Never clicked on a video with such sadness in my body

  2. Bully 2… Getting cancelled… Ouch.

    • doom7ish didn’t play the first huh? But still pretty sad cause people love it and you were wondering what the experience of playing as a child whilst you’re an adult would be like cause you enjoyed playing as a duck in one game. yeah.

    • @Gerardo Mendez “Friends” to be more precise.
      Those who have real friends have life and go out with girls to have fun & explore the world. Not being in house playing videogames.

    • @Cynical im sorry most of the friends I have made in person started out by being friends with online

    • @Cynical lmao I play foot ball got Freinds and a girl friend and I look up bully 2 every day waiting for it to come.out

    • Cynical sounds lets be real, you don’t actually believe people who have friends online dont have a solid social and sex life outside of their virtual one

  3. Seiv Marina Joyce Plis

    Rockstar is one of the most secretive developing companies. I dont want to be 100% skeptical, but I won’t really trust if it wasn’t from the mouth of the Rockstar itself.

    • i remember speculating on gta sa … those were the days

    • Wishful thinking.

    • Ayyy, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart!

    • secretive???? yeah right fool. i don’t recall agent being secretive.

    • The Coward Robert Ford

      No one is taking into account that it was “canceled” before Rockstar started casting calls for young adults and teens for a new open world game. Yams (a very respected Rockstar insider/leaker who has leaked nearly everything with GTA Online) also confirmed not so long ago that Bully 2 IS the next Rockstar game before Take Two asked him to stop leaking stuff some months ago. This cancel has already been known about by the Bully fans for a while because it happened so long ago.

      Inside Gaming research wasn’t too tight on this one.

  4. Rockstar: we’re going to make Bully 2

    Take 2: will it have loot boxes and microtransactions?

    Rockstar: No

    Take 2: no, you are not making Bully 2

    • @65firered anyone who played more than 20 minutes of Bully knew that it wasn’t about being a little prick to fellow students, it was actually quite the opposite, unifying the student body to take out the real bully. too bad the news outlets only speculated instead of oh i dont know, actually being informed.

    • @65firered I Hear you

    • @Quinn Marchese Even if they were informed they would lie and slander it, look no further than what they are saying about the Joker movie to see what I mean.

    • @65firered I haven’t seen the new Joker, and think that a film like that could actually potentially be dangerous in the current US political climate but I wont argue. As for your contrarianism, no one likes that in a person.

    • @Quinn Marchese What do you mean?

  5. Now can we stop making these “bully 2 leaked” vids?

  6. I’d be interested if there was a manhunt 3 in development ever.

  7. “Need to figure out an online service”, “we’re 100% focused on online right now”. UGGHHHHH.

    • Knight And SpaceShip

      Aka we are only looking for the place where we can monetize the hell out of.

    • @TragicBlessings
      That’s why first party studios and studios like CDPR are so important, if it weren’t for Sony and Nintendo, there wouldn’t have been many blockbuster singleplayer titles at all over the last few years, if we lose them the gaming industry is fucked unless indie developers can continue to create interesting games like subnautica and the vanishing of ethan carter, which even then are pretty niche genres.

      Bethesda and Bioware really need to pull their shit together and go back to their roots. Rockstar have abandoned their roots, Red Dead 2 was a fantastic game, but the Online portion ruined it and stole all of the focus.

      Singleplayer games are dying because none of the greedy companies in the industry feel confident that they will make lots of money vs an online game with a battle pass, loot boxes, limited time events, season passes etc…

    • Mik Moen I bet all my money they will never make a single player dlc again

    • @Sword Dude, CDPR is joining them as well. They just said there will be MP in CP2077.
      You know how that goes, right? Start from small, “unhurtful” then BAM! Being no different than R Games.

    • @Cynical
      Multiplayer could also mean co-op, keep in mind that multiplayer isn’t always a bad thing, Dark Souls and Bloodborne are multiplayer games, yet Fromsoft never let the multiplayer component ruin the overall experience and I believe CDPR have the same positive attitude. Keep in mind, CDPR self publish, so they don’t really have a safety net to fall back on if they do get greedy, and so far their attitude towards capitalism is healthy. I’m not worried about the multiplayer component since it’s not being designed until after all of the base game content is released and co-op would be fantastic.

  8. I feel really bad for the youtubers that have been covering leaks and rumors on this game for the last few years.

  9. All these canceled games 🙁

    I’m still looking forward to 1313 even though it’s never coming 🙁

  10. I wish they would make a new Midnight Club, man i miss that franchise

  11. 18 months of development primarily led by the art team? I guarantee they had fully textured models and areas, animations, and a base UI. There has to be a copy of this propotype exe floating around somewhere, and now that people have something to go on I hope the hunt is on.

    • Well, i suppose you could be right, although i think the likelyhood is R* has a couple terabytes of assets in a folder somewhere along with completed menu screens, and thats it. I personally doubt any non-basic programming has been done, so at most I think were looking at locomotion controls and maybe some light combat thats playable.

    • Pff probably only concepts, doubt they done any programming maybe some texture and assets, nothing more then that

    • @Who Are You? you’d be surprised at how quick a prototype can come together, but i also theorized the assets and such

  12. man, the only thing I remember about Smugglers Run was spending hours at a friends house just driving around the desert freely in a dune buggy discovering landmarks and finding things to ramp off of, idk if the game was any good as an actual *game* but I will always remember those times fondly. ???? ????????…

    • BOI I used to play that game a lot as well! I would play that one game mode on the grass map where you took crates to a location around the small town. But what I would do instead is that I would take the crate and runaway with it and watch the AI goes apeshit trying to catch me. I honestly think it underrated, granted they was only three map with two of them being a sunny and snow version of each other but they were massive! It was such a joy to explore the map going across the rocky terrain, through the dense woods or messing around the train tracks. I wish they released it for the switch cause I really loved this game a lot!

    • @Coldessa I remember the snowy version more lol. I had it on GameCube and I only remember messing around with my brother on that map

  13. Remedy: “Can we have Max Payne back? We have ideas for him…”


    • @ChaosPrototypeIX I expect at least an argumentation for your point. Don’t be the classic internet guy, who shout things randomly without even knowing what he’s talking about. It’s healthy to have a discussion.

    • Francis Fecktainé

      I knew it was a bad idea, but in the continued absence of any good ones I decided to go with it.

    • @MustaBeenRatz Beause every sequal needs to stink of its predecessors? Max Payne 3 Worked well as both a sequal, and a stadalone game, as it was designed. MP2 was 9 years old at that point, many people didnt want to go back and learn the history of Max, thats not to say there isnt plenty of nods and fan service.

      By your standards, every MP game would just be an endless cycle of Max meeting a sidekick and running around drug dens in dingey New Jersey Noire. MP3 refreshed the series more than any game sequal i can remember. The setting of Sao Paulo was impeccable, fresh and detailed, not to mention the fact that it wasn’t just made to appease people like you who only want the same backdrop shovelled into them repeatedly.

      MP was dead at that point, they brought it back because they knew they could put a new spin on it, revamp the series without changing the character of Max all that much. As for the story, you said it yourself, max wasnt some comic book hero with a stained moral compass anymore, he was just an old tool used by people far more affluent and powerful than him. By the end he was just happy to get the revenge on the men who did him wrong, (just like in NJ decades before) taking from him another family he swore to protect.

      I’m not saying you’re wrong, you’re entitled to your opinion, but to try and simplify the story of MP3 in two sentences like you just tried is unjustified. MP was always a gameplay heavy IP, i mean the first game had the MOST clichéd story, “bereaved NY cop seeks revenge for his murder family”? ITS AN EXCUSE TO KILL GANGSTERS

      The ONLY reason Rockstar wont touch it now, is because they cant sell shark cards on MP online. Simple!

    • @Matt Winfield Every world created should have consistency with every iteration. The first games had the most clichèd incipit, not story. The story starts with the same “cop whom family gets murdered and he start seeking revenge”, but then it becomes a personal story of a cop dealing with his internal struggle from the guilt of not being able to save his own family. On which it creates another layer with all the conspiracy between Woden and Horne, all of which are tied to Max not by simply “they contacted him and that’s it”. There’s lore in Max Payne 1 and 2, there are the tv shows and the dream sequences that help you discover new things about Max. Layers on layers on layers on which the story creates an intricated world full of stories. But no, make a simple revenge story with the twist at the end and you’re done. Add some bullshit fan service like Captain Baseball Bat Boy and you’re done. Add Kong whisky. WOOOOW!!!!!! That must be a Max Payne game!!!! Bullshit. And when you say that Max Payne 3 is gameplay heavy, I’m asking you, where? Every 4 minutes cutscenes there are 2 minutes of gameplay. They took hard boiled John Woo and made it into Die Hard. The series had its own identity that can’t be brought back by some fucking fan service bullshit.

    • And I have to add that they turn him into a hero by making him eliminate Sao Paulo’s organ trafficking. Yeah, that’s an hero! A cop who killed thousands of people just for his personal vendetta saves Sao Paulo from organ trafficking. Bullshit. Rockstar lacks subtlety. And that’s good for GTA, but not for MP. In the first two he destroys a conspiracy that’s affecting the town, yes, but he remains the focal point of the story. Also the line in MP3 “I’m not an angel but you are fucked up” it’s just bullshit and destroys the concept of the first games. Having a bad guy more bad than you doesn’t make you a less bad guy. And Max is that, a bad guy.

  14. Just wanted to share that I love the editing being done on these. The new casting edit for Lawrence’s rambling was great and I just wanted to let Autumn or whoever edited this that they’re doing a great job.

    • Seconded

    • This crew is really good at what they do. It’s going to sound sarcastic but I love how they can pick a small subject for the day and stretch it out into a long fun and entertaining video. Even on a slow news day these guys always put a smile on my face. If you compare it to a slow day back in the Machinima era they are so much better. I actually have a way to talk to Lawrence believe it or not and every now and then I remind him how great the show is and how much I appreciate the guys and he always hits me back with a heartfelt reply of appreciation.

  15. Almantas Kandrotas

    Let me guess, they could not find a way to aggressively monetize it.

  16. Bully is still my favorite Rockstar game, so this really upsets me. :'(

  17. they couldnt figure out how to involve a casino.

  18. They probably couldn’t figure out how to monetize bully online.

    • Redmoon383 most expensive thing in game is like $1000, nothing compared to gta online LOL

    • @Rilo Honeuif you think the online was just “tacked on” then you don’t know what you’re talking about

    • @Cheesegrits considering it launched bare bones and beta for like a year i think it was defintely an after thought. Or else rrd2 would of been very different

    • @Rilo Honeu I don’t think it was an afterthought like most people would think of an afterthought. I think the game was just so massive that even if they wanted to work on the online while making the singleplayer version they just couldn’t. It’d slow everything waaaaaaay down.

  19. Hank Hilly Keyblade Master

    Thumbnail: Cancelled
    Title: Canceled

    Me: Make up your mind!!

  20. “State of Emergency” is one of the few games with Highscores that i still enjoy.
    it is just a burst of mindless cartoony violence that only ROCKSTARS is able to do.

    Bully 2 is never coming out… there is no benefit to it, in Take-Two’s eyes.

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