RNG vs. SKT | Semifinals Game 5 | 2017 World Championship | Royal Never Give Up vs SK telecom T1

Semifinals #Worlds2017

Royal Never Give Up vs. SK telecom T1

Royal Never Give Up Lineup:
– Top Shen
Mlxg – Jungle Lee Sin
Xiaohu – Mid Corki
– ADC Tristana
Ming – Support

SK telecom T1 Lineup:
– Top Gnar
– Jungle
Faker – Mid Galio
Bang – ADC Caitlyn
Wolf – Support Lulu

Watch all matches of the split here from all of our leagues: NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK Champions Korea, LPL.
You can always learn more and view the full schedule at http://www.lolesports.com.


  1. Omg seeing peanut smile was beautiful

  2. Welcom to 5G(ame)Korea

  3. R: Royal
    N: Never ban
    G: Galio

  4. skt is the best team in the world..no one team ccan beat them so far

  5. Now I have to root for Team WE because an all korean finals might be bad for the main event attendance.

  6. 1:17:35 ‘lol’est moment in the whole series! LOL

  7. I will never get over what that woman is wearing…

  8. What’s the first song in this video? TKS!!!!

  9. Royal Løvetan Rajan

    ***Spoiler Alert*** If you haven’t watched until the end of this semifinal series best of 5, SKT 1 vs RNG dont read this coment unless you wish to spoil the end for yourself. I have always loved skt t1, not because they won 3 worldchampion.. , but even before they had all those wins under their belts. My favorite players of all time has always been Faker and Apdo since around early season 3, latter because of hes talented solo climbing. That beeing said, I am so happy Skt won this semifinal and shut the crowd down. Was so annoying with all odds against them, people constantly telling how bad skt is and how bad they were gonna do once they met up with the top 5-10 teams. Yet again they prove all the unbeleivers wrong. Yet again they prove talent and focus can prevail, yet again the comback from 1-2 having 3 games filled with pressure. I agree they have had more overwhelming victories under their belt, but it doesnt change the fact they are who they are, they allready made history and they continues to make history and impact in E-sport. They are Legends, and Faker is as big in League as Bruislee was in the history of Martial arts. New generation and new players will nag, when all they do is copy things done before. Keep in mind that alot of theese pro players and veteran players improvised alot of the plays/skills, and builds on stage. I want to give creds to those bronze 5 players who also do crazy things that becomes innovatives and coppied up the ladder. In the end this is what I love about Faker, hes abilities to keep track of so many things, to execute and react and outplay in clutch. Was so touching to watch the girls (Skt fan/faker fan) cry at the end. So many emotions and feelings could be seen in those eyes, they felt the pressure they felt the journey, and this year has been more bumpy then I can remember.

  10. peanut was so happy towards the end lol.. adorable ^^

  11. skt’s past 2 series went sooo bad, compared to last years… they dont deserve to win worlds…

  12. If Phreak did his homework, he would’ve realised that Bang doesn’t buy I.E. straight up when he uses Caitlyn. He always buys a zeal after getting a B.F. Sword. This is in response to Phreak’s seemingly stupid comment at 31 min of the vid.

  13. RNG must change their name to RNW. Royal Never Wins

  14. No one , and no teams can fk the Faker up /:

  15. That lee sin was complete garbage.

  16. Mlxg looks so cocky and arrogant.

  17. The Lee Sin pick was almost as ineffective as the Blitz pick in Game one by SKT

  18. Lee sin against peanut, nice joke. hehe xd jk

  19. Lighting LovesCandy

    Ssg will win the worlds. Skt is too weak!

  20. Who can tell me what the BGM at the beginning ?

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