Riven Montage – Stealth Ward/Ienthi

You saw nothing.

Twitter: Twitter.com/stealth_ward
Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7ZsBPK656s


  1. OK, I’m honestly stunned. This video has over 55,000 views and counting.
    Thank you to everyone who watched, I have definitely learned about Riven,
    and this was actually probably one of the worst games I’ve played, but I
    didn’t expect to get this high up. Next video is a Lee Sin montage, which
    will probably be better. Thank you to all my new subscribers, and have a
    fantastic day!

  2. This is a heck of a lot better than most people could do at 12. You
    definitely have potential, keep it up and don’t let the hate get to you –
    you’re gunna get hate no matter what you do. I’ll prob get a ton of lame
    ass comment replies to this so let that be proof. Just do you and keep
    improving :D

  3. keep it up! you are good for your age and have lot of time to learn :)

  4. Pants are Dragon - Challenger Guides to LoL

    wat a sad community, jesus ripping on a 12 yr old have sum fukin shame

  5. I recommend you to disable comments and likes under your videos until you
    are 18. We reddit neckbeards don’t like children and we don’t hold back
    letting our whole frustration out. Since you have already achieved more
    with a single video than all of us combined in a lifetime, we get extra
    salty. And that might end up calling UeberDanger here and then you know
    what time it is…

  6. why the dislikes? this shit was funny lol.

  7. Tfw a 12-year-old makes better videos than me.

  8. Васян Про

    Boy, keep making videos and impoving your gameplay, you are only 12, your
    work is completely fine, don’t listen to anyone out there, they will
    criticize and they will try to offend you, even the most successful people
    have haters, so why wouldn’t you? Just keep doing what you like to do and
    eventually you will be good at it. Good luck and have fun 🙂
    P.S. I would reccomend you to be also not so cocky, but it’s a matter of
    age, some years later it will fade away and you will be a completely fine
    grown up adult.

  9. 1:49 nice chat

  10. my videos are better than yours

  11. Ok I didn’t expect that ending. Keep up the good work. I think if you keep
    making videos you will keep learning new editing techniques and in a few
    years can make those sick pro montages you see online. This is REALLY good

  12. Good video! :D, can’t believe all the dislikes. Like its just a good league
    video, Keep being you man! ^_^

  13. You’re witnessing today a future lcs riven god

  14. shit music choice, had to downvote

  15. Im gonna commit sudoku after watching this

  16. Im only 14 and trust me you can totally learn Riven well….

  17. cringe, but better than me

  18. ThePainkiller9995

    1:14 hilarious and original

  19. This is how I picture everyone who plays Riven ever

  20. I expected some super cringy shit, but seemed I was wrong ;)

  21. actually the chat in that position looks brilliant

    1. Stop Making Vids

  23. look at the chat so toxic xD

  24. Honestly people are hating on this video because its obviously made by a
    kid.For me i dont like it because the montage just wasnt good age doesnt
    mean shit.

  25. I can already see at least 50 different youtubers in his act
    And the fact hes like 11
    Makes it even worse
    This is whats wrong with the League Community

  26. I respect you for taking some of the comment-backlash this well. Keep it
    up, man.

  27. gatta say, i’d rather have him on my team than the other immature 12 year
    olds i get on my team, keep practicing dude good first video =)

  28. Don’t listen to the majority of the assholes commenting on your video, I
    think that personally at 12 years of age you show lots of potential for
    creating great videos. Don’t give up buddy, I actually laughed in this one!

  29. Wait, is this suppose to be well played ? you don’t even do Riven combos
    properly xD

  30. It was funny as hell haha, I wish I had the chance of playing videogames at

  31. you watch videogamedunkey right?

  32. Don’t know why anyone would be a dick, I thought I was watching a BoxBox

  33. The Almighty Urgod

    Even though it’s one of those it’s so bad it’s god kind of videos, I think
    I’ll subscribe. Since I can see you improving. <3

  34. Disliked cause you play riven you little twat

  35. Keep it going buddy, subbed :)

  36. disgusting subhuman riven player

  37. keep up the good work you have a long way too go, ignore the reddit

  38. I don’t understand, is this an ironic video?

  39. 1:13 He lived… lmfao… yeah ok.

  40. Юрий Лужков

    и че это за хуйня?

  41. le reddit cringe army is here

  42. guys ur disliking and hating on a 12 year old u should be all ashamed of

  43. this video gave me ebola and cancer at the same time

  44. ok, for me its ok, good video dude :)

  45. Amazing. You played one of Darius’s hardest counters.
    Yet you still somehow manage to get killed a bunch of times by him too.
    That’s pretty cool.
    I’m also awed that there are a lot of footage where you get kills because
    of your jungler’s help. (And died too)
    You’ve also showed prowess in killing people who have low HP left.
    And you sure have the courage to show that your team lost. I commend you
    for that.

    Too bad though. I fking hate Riven. She should just get deleted from the
    game already.

  46. you are sooooooo cute! <3

  47. i like riven too :D

  48. Just a tip try and get an Auto in between every Q, and for the love of god
    put you’re ult on smart cast in the settings!

  49. Is he BoxBox’s successor?

  50. ripping on a 12 year old. such pussies. Ignore the retards Stealth Ward,
    this is better than what most people can do.

  51. Honestly, aside from beginning, the vid’s not that bad. Of course it’s
    amateur-ish but it’s not like you do this for a living so it’s

  52. Actually i think i will stop playing riven now for good. Im done

  53. Hey man, don’t listen to some of their shit. I recommend you disable
    comments for a while. We should actually collab sometime when I actually
    fix up my channel XD

  54. c’mon guys, don’t go around downvoting his other videos.


  56. awesome, keep it up

  57. Oh man he gave me cancer feelabadman

  58. this is a really good video kid, don’t let the dislikes get to you. they’re
    just manchildren themselves who get triggered at the sound of a kid’s
    voice. they’re jealous of your youth.

  59. Great video man! Keep it up. Don’t listen to the haters. Do what makes you
    happy and keep learning how to make great videos! :)

  60. wat is dis, who cum it do gooder dan mine top elo play of game, stoopid i
    blame system.

  61. That was really funny. Keep up the good work !

  62. COLLAB BRO!?

  63. i can laugh for hours

  64. Faker in the making

  65. Well you’re a better Riven than me! Nice video :)

  66. Awesome video, man. Ten times better than most other montages and you are
    only starting. SICK!

  67. Quality content.

  68. Don’t let those hate comment’s get to you. I enjoyed watching your video,
    for one thing because you didn’t take your plays too serious. Keep it up,

  69. “I Lived”

  70. Brandon Blakeborough

    lets make this kid famous everyone

  71. wd kid

  72. Pizzaiolo Magico

    That was funny

  73. Lmao epic plays m8

  74. Reddit.

  75. Well your Riven needs some practic, but i really liked the way you edited
    the video. Pretty funny :)

  76. Is this NA ?

  77. you didn’t live :D

  78. This just further cements the fact that Riven players are all autistic 12
    yearolds that want to make LE SICK PLAYS and make a montage.

  79. Very nice video, keep goin’ :_]

  80. “I lived”… ;D hehe

  81. Give the kid a break guys

  82. mate you’re good, you’re funny and you can keep it up cause you’ll go big
    one day, don’t give up.
    10/10 chukle material

  83. jesus fuck this is cancer

  84. And this is why we use quick cast ;P great video tho, keep it up!

  85. duo? Kappa

  86. good riven player know how to cancel animation so 1 tip for you m8 go play
    teeto !

  87. i feel like i hear this music everywhere, find some non-meta music

  88. u can do whatever u want so dont let the haters hate on u and dont let the
    dislikes bring u down let it motivate u to do more
    eventually u will get really good at editing :D

  89. キリトアスナ,

    go pirate sony vegas pro 13 u wont regret it. better than windows movie

  90. tfw a 12 year old is better at riven than me T.T

  91. Whoa, when did dunkey make a 2nd channel?

  92. Good work man. My only advice is the mic volume at the start, try adjusting
    the volume. Otherwise enjoyable to watch

  93. Reminds me of me when I was 12 in this game playing Master Yi all the time.
    Nice work!

  94. 12 y/o and already copying the Dunk

  95. this video will draw out Uberdanger for sure, if you know what I mean

  96. cool video :{

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