Response to Meddler’s 24th January post

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Duh duh duh duh duh


  1. Haaaaaaaashinshiiiiiin

  2. I wish more people would listen to hash I feel like i have no impact on anything im at the mercy of my teammates its like the ardent meta all over again I cant stand it

  3. Even Tho hash is crying like a baby, he’s right

  4. Duh duh duh duh duh

  5. Unstoppable BTW

  6. Frustrated btw

  7. i live for these videos hashinshin

  8. “The only thing you can do is go klepto and hit tanks like a pinata” LOL

  9. lmao hash is crushing rioters for a living

  10. actually agree with all of this

  11. “Category: Comedy”
    hash what r u trying to say about riot’s balance team

  12. me play tank me low IQ

  13. We dont deserve Hashinshin. Not the hero we deserve, but the one we need. <3

  14. Holy shit, this is my favorite Hash video yet. Mentioning that when the runes rework went down and bruisers just got minor dmg instead of the stats they used in runes. It’s completely fucked how little they get in the new system. It’s like they just forgot about bruisers, they didn’t give a keystone or stats we even want.

  15. I hate the ornn nerfs, they make it an almost brain dead tank, the unstopable W was the only skill expression beside the R. Also it doesn’t fix the REAL Ornn problem, then W do a lot of damage (w damage + pasive damage = busted damage without items)

  16. even dyrus wants to play more vrchat than top lane right now lol.

  17. adrian riven dead bout to quit too

  18. Ornn isnt unstoppable btw anymore

  19. I feel like this issue is much more prominent from around D3 and up…low diamond and below is winnable top against a tank because they still continue to make more mistakes. It can of course use some tweaking, but i feel like high elo is affected much more by the top lane issue. Sincerely, a biased riven one trick.

  20. I used to give Hashinshin so much crap for constantly complaining, but I honestly feel I should apologize because the more I watch him, the more I realize how right he is.

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