Report: Over Half Of Game Devs Expect Crunch As Part Of The Job

According to Take This, over 50% of game developers expect abusive overtime as part of the job, often without additional compensation to make up for it.

Crunch has become a major talking point across the industry, and reports like these show how grimly normalized abusive work hours are. Take This’ report backs up a lot of what I’ve said this year about coercion and power dynamics within game development.

Culturally, crunch has become far too normalized in the games business, and we need to keep banging the drum that says otherwise. Because it shouldn’t be normal. It’s abusive, it’s exploitative, and above all… it doesn’t bloody work!


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  1. In The Mind of Kibara

    For some reason I am glad I stopped having a passion for coding and have a passion for art instead.

    Not that it’s any better.

  2. I read this as, ‘Over Half of Game Devs Expect Terrible Project Management as Part of the Job’.

  3. Nicholas DeLorenzi

    Crunch: Not a triumph of the workforce, but a failure of the management.

  4. Sadly it’s not suprising. If corporations that despise organized labor unions had simply better respected their employees they’d not have to deal with unions.

  5. Captain Crunch, the new mascot for abusive overtime.

  6. The Wolf Princess

    This should not be an expected part of the job. This is really bad for the health of the people doing the work.

  7. It’s called crunch because that’s the sound the AAAncient Old Ones make when they devour people’s souls.

  8. Developers aren’t being treated as artists anymore, they are being treated as assembly line workers that have to keep making the same games every year to keep up yearly releases. Publishers don’t care about creativity anymore, they just want the maximum returns with the least amount of cost and sadly making games faster does that…

  9. I love the recurring gag of showing footage of asset flips and labeling them as AAA titles

  10. 7:40 wait that label doesn’t seem right…….Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t on PC!

  11. Unions are a good thing, and the faster the game developers realize this, the better for everyone. Well, except share holders.

  12. Thought you might find this interesting Jim, but I went to school for game development and they teach Crunch

  13. A true leader would never overwork his/her people. Crunch in the work place is a failure of management.

  14. “You’re supposed to have mental breakdowns. It’s a part of the job!”

  15. Abusive company behaviour became a norm ages ago. I remember when a store manager (Coles) told us all to just smile, be best, do great, no matter what. As that was the BEST STRATEGY. He then in front of everyone asked me wha the BS meant. I said “The BS Strategy is where we are supposed to pretend like we love our jobs” everyone was laughing but him, the weasel. My shifts soon after got minimised massively. Another job as a mortgage broker. I Had a manager stress how when we pick up the phones we are A league no matter what is going on in our lives. That day. Somebody pissed on every toilet roll systematically in the men’s. Nobody dropped a brown for hours thanks to him. Another job told us all to innovate and “Add value and if whatever you are doing isn’t adding value then think 🤔 what you could be doing better”…. So many people stressed as their roles were just to do X, Y and Z. What more could they do…. Long story short the entire division got made redundant and replaced with contractors who did the same damn thing.

    Companies are greedy. They don’t care about you. Put YOU first. I’m not thinking anyone will read this but it’s nice to get off my chest.

  16. That’s not Fortnight in the background Jim, very misleading. It’s actually PUBG

  17. i was an intern, at ea, through a program for my college, and they gave me “crunch”… we are talking 20 hours a day, friday saturday, sunday, every weekend, well i was in college

  18. 2019 When working at Burger King becomes more sane than being a Game Dev….
    (Any job is a respectable job)

  19. New Sterling Character Idea: Captain Crunch, Jim dresses as a dominatrix wearing a business suit with a whip

  20. If you learn nothing else from this video, you should learn that Nosferatu has great zoning moves.

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