Red Death: 8 Feet – It’s Impossible, And Bad, And Impossibly Bad

Help I need pro strats on this game so I can play it competitively please!


  1. Microtractions: It’s Impossible, And Bad, And Impossibly Bad

  2. Yay! Bad video game video! ?

  3. This looks suspiciously like Slenderman, but with guns…

  4. Yes finally. Bring back ur squirts!

  5. The footstep sounds are from Jedi Outcast

  6. Missed these terrible games played by Jim

  7. Is this video games?
    Is this just fantasy?
    Caught in a landslide
    No escape from reality

  8. FINALLY you bring back the direct to video stuff I love those. Keep rewatching them actually. Keep em coming^^

  9. This game looks familiar.
    Like its the exact same as a different game, but with the lights turned off and a spooky monster thrown in.

  10. ‘I’ll pick this one… 150% health.’
    Hmmm, yes… we got a gem on our hands with this game.

  11. “Hang on, there’s some screaming……..F U C K-in ‘ell!”

    I really really missed these

  12. I won’t stand this misinformation you’re distributing in these videos, Jim!

    Sharks have cloacas, not anuses.

  13. If this game was free and was created to build a portfolio and gain experience by devs, then it wouldn’t be offensive.

  14. “Once you see grass hovering in the air, you’ve probably gone the wrong way” – that’s just good life advice.

  15. The advert before this video was a very corporate, very artifically appealing package from Fortnight, showing off some of the stuff from their new season to tempt me into buying their season pass and in-game currency that ended with the VO confidently and smugly saying “we’ll see you… in game.”
    It then cut immediately to Jim starting with “hello you blistered shark anuses. ”

    Ahhh. That’s better. Content I can respect.

  16. From their Steam page:

    “It’s not enough to call it a perfect game yet.”

    You don’t say …

  17. I haven’t seen the rest of the vid yet, have it playing while I type, but I actually think the first encounter was kinda cool. You had no idea what to expect when something just rushes by you. You fire at it, but miss and then wonder what it is, rationalizing it and jokingly saying someone was going for a midnight. You hear a scream, and then turn to it to see someone literally rushing you as you fire at it. You actually manage to knock it down, but instead of it staying down it keeps on you, her body contorting as she gets the jump on you closing the distance. That was like out of a movie and at the least I think that one experience made it a decent attempt. Was probably just luck, but it was like something out of the intro of a movie and that’s cool.

  18. How kind of them to give you medkits when the primary threat of the game kills you instantly.

  19. Johnny Carcinogen

    Ah – the default difficulty for the default experience:


  20. 8 feet is the maximum distance you can move before getting killed.

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