Real Life First Person Shooter: Level 2 (Chatroulette Version)

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You’ve seen Level 1, now watch us take the Real Life First Person Shooter to the next level…

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Level 1 we created a live action first-person zombie shooter in our garden, then invited unsuspecting people on ChatRoulette, Omegle and Skype to take control. In Level 2, we’ve stepped things up a gear, and our unsuspecting players find themselves trying to escape an infected alien in deep space.

Many thanks to all involved!

Thanks to Red House Mysteries

Thanks to Megaflatables for our awesome Boss!

Music by Moriaty! Find them on iTunes!

Thanks to our Hero!

Thanks to ForceFX!

Many thanks to Ubiquiti for supplying our wireless routers!!

Thanks to our amazing network guys at Peplink and Grapevine!

Thanks to TeraDek for the Cube system!!


  1. Seriously impressive, even the giant, inflatable space cock with light-up
    bell end. The guy doing the voice over was good too.

    The only slight criticism is that it’d be good if the players had a little
    more control. I know you can’t give them too much or they’ll break the
    game, but still.

  2. This sure beats looking at penesia

  3. I’m not sure who the character is who plays the guy in the game, but he
    should definitely be a voice actor or something. His voice is too damn
    perfect for an action game. It sounded like the first Metal Gear Solid
    games the whole time

  4. Have to say this gave me a needed lift. There is hope for mankind.

  5. This is legitimately so unique and cool! Great work!

  6. good work

  7. The voice of the character sounds like David Hayter’s Snake :D

  8. Is that Clint Eastwood :)

  9. Normal people – ” Uhh go up the stairs”
    Me – “W, shift, a, s, d”

  10. where the fuck did you get the money for this?

  11. awesome Zeus Mod!!

  12. I would have asked if he’s Wolverine. LOL!



  14. Amazing! A Clear upgrade from the last video, can’t wait for the next

  15. La wea buena por la conchetumare, like si no entiendes este comentario

  16. was that David Hayter?

  17. Really really good. But I would have like to have seen more reactions at
    the end of the video when you guys reveal yourselves to them. Would have
    likes to see that chat.

  18. Titouan “LeFlemard” Lannuzel

    I would love to play this, if I wasn’t a scaredy cat ;_;

  19. Awesome,thought the first one was good you just up`ed the game!

  20. OMG, that was amazing! Well accomplished everyone! Also, Alien was as huge
    inspiration right? lol!

  21. 1:50 lol Smack him XD

  22. wow this is great, wonderful stuff. I love you all for making this.

  23. Another Epic Job guys!
    Great video!!!!!

  24. 1:50 when u slap a dead body it laughs ?

  25. I’d wager the team, when they’re looking for contestants, find penis
    contestants. When the penis realizes the scope of the project, they pull
    out and the guy says, “No, wait!” ::Video disconnected::

  26. Batman is the main character?

  27. awesome work guys! keep going!

  28. This is tghe beast thing Ive everf seen. Imnteractive gaming. Tisis

  29. so cool!

  30. This was crazy good!

  31. Looks like in a nuclear power station

  32. Solid Snake + Doom = dis :p

  33. The Smiling Death

  34. lmao.. “It’s in the cargo bay”.. “We need to go to car go bay “.. “um it’s
    not a beach”

    FYI the closed captions are crazy

  35. Jack Twiss (Eddyfoo64)

    I want to see the deleted scene where it’s just some old man masturbating

  36. she thought cargo bay was a beach lol

  37. The people acting in the giant widgey grub did they die after you dropped a
    sea container on the worm.

  38. How do you sign up to play this!!?

  39. Next one should be, an RPG ……wait no that would be boring as fuck!!!

  40. Seriously impressive. This has to be one of the best things on YouTube

  41. u guys r.. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  42. Wow …you guys really did something amazing this time..

  43. wow, what a great idea^^ very well done.

  44. Did you guys get money from made this video except from youtube,
    kickstarter, and donation ? Im just curious

  45. Omg that was so cool, great job again! The players are noobs again though,
    giving unclear instructions through their laggy sound and cam. This was
    still so epic.

  46. Do a Thriller/murder one. Or a break in or something.

  47. Well now… this looks incredibly fun

  48. Camilo López Mayo

    O P !

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