Real Life First Person Shooter (Chatroulette version)

We created a live action first-person zombie shooter our garden – then invited unsuspecting people on chatroulette, omegle and skype to take control…

watch the behind the scenes here:

@realmppictures @davidmreynolds

Many thanks to all involved!

Thanks to Red House Mysteries
meet our BOSS at
Music by FoolBoyMedia
and Tanner Helland
Thanks to TeraDek for the Cube system!!


  1. +Stinky Soap – Fallout 4 and More! …..You must be new to youtube

  2. Stinky Soap - Fallout 4 and More!

    Omfg I didnt think the YouTube comments were THIS retarded…

  3. +Josh OpieOP That’s a joke, right?

  4. +Haxorlols “John Freeman then looked on the ground and found weapon”

  5. +Haxorlols I noticed that too….. ._. such high production quality and
    then this? xD

  6. i would probably say stuff like
    “ok, stand over the body and crouch, then stand up, then crouch”
    “/SV_Cheats 1, /God 1, /no_clip”
    “start running into the wall until you get into a corner, you might be able
    to glitch through”
    “rocket jump over the boss”
    “ok drop your grenade and switch to third person cammera and walk away

    • +Chef Excellence GET VAC banned 😀

    • +Chef Excellence It said “unsuspecting people on chatroulette, omegle”.
      This means that these people may have been looking for nasty adult talk
      (according to my past horrifying experience on these websites) and didn’t
      expect to get to do this interactive game. There may have been FPS players
      on those websites at the time, but they just did not make it into the same
      chat as these people.

  7. Shahriar Abdullah

    +Jorge Sarasa On the contrary, all of us here at Realm are team green 😉

  8. OMFG THIS MADE OF AWESOME AND WIN. In case that wasn’t clear already. :D

  9. You Should Do It Again But Zombie Verison like your a zombie

  10. +Samuel R And a giant chainaxe.

  11. +Maitrelordironfist Papa Nurgle has no power over the Khornate space

  12. +Mitchell Scott-Young i did

  13. +Carmen Luisa Condemarin Marroquin Que bien se te ve en la foto amiguita,
    extranandote siempre y recordandote con mucho carino

  14. people with more than 3 names are not to be trusted. -_-

  15. +Carmen Luisa Condemarin Marroquin Get ready for the dislikes

  16. +soapmeridius
    im gonna barf

  17. +Leo Garcia the real question is whether or not it will run Meinkraften.

  18. +Leo Garcia Silly scrub, real life can’t run Crysis.

  19. How dumb waste of my time get a real job mate

  20. How did you manage to keep your wifi connected?! Haha! Awesome video

  21. ElRichMC - Minecraft Técnico, PvP & CTMs


  22. +abdi ali so are you

  23. will there be levell 2?

  24. Is this based off any particular game?

  25. how much is the game cost on steam? looks fun tho

  26. Hans Wolf (CALIBER WOLF)

    u wanna kidding me thats the best game ever

  27. Guys this is amazing. great work

  28. Fucking brilliant, man! I love how eager people were to engage once they
    grasped what was going on.

  29. thats a nerf gun

  30. Wonderweiss Heartfilia

    They got their gamer on!! XD

  31. Ow, my left ear


  33. what would you have done if I said, grab the big guys battle axe, go back
    outside. Busting heads and killing Zeds!

  34. yay u killed the chaos space marines :D

  35. +lisa may that is so scary oh wait no its not that’s not

  36. +Omniseraphic Guess what I put you and everybody else that have issued me
    with *Death threats* on the Google Hub directory for complaints incl your
    URL and they replied via email. Woo hoo!!! you are in for such a shock. I
    suppose you and your friends can thank the other 18+ people that complained
    too. Oh yeah!!!

  37. +lisa may Kill yourself.

  38. this video is stupid!!! But the idea has potential if you evolve the

  39. Still a good video, and a brilliant idea! too bad I couldn’t have taken
    part… as a player, I mean, I wonder how many times the main character was
    killed, what was his survival rate?

  40. You guys are awesome

  41. quake marine helmet

  42. I would’ve told them to 360 no scope the zombies

  43. Ahahaha that was totally epic. What an amazing idea.

  44. 1:46 “go deeper, go deeper” XD

  45. HAH! Chaos Space Marine for a boss. XD

  46. -nurax* | CS:GO Channel


  47. Am I the only one to notice the guns say “UNSC” on it. Reference to Halo.

  48. assualt rifle…

  49. Freakin awesome lol. Very well done. probably took alot of time and work.

  50. fucking awesome im so impressed :D

  51. one step further to gaming like that movie “Gamer”
    watch the making of for this video, it took alot of ingenuity to make this

  52. NU PURSOOO(╯°□°)╯︵( .o.)

  53. Awesome Idea

  54. Maybe if there was more stuff like this and less penis in your face and I’d
    actually go on these sites :)

  55. this is awesome!!!

  56. you should most definatlty make more of these man

  57. The real walking dead!

  58. Hehehehehe I LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. i love it so mush!╮(╯▽╰)╭

  60. not fair…..I WISH I WAS PLAYING IT TOO

  61. muy bueno

  62. God that editing is awful to watch

  63. wooooow guys you superdoooperF********king rock,

  64. Fuck it. I love you.

  65. Zelo “Kaxology” Nixon

    that’s a repainted nerv slingfire

  66. Dany Jose De La Rosa Espinosa


  67. *This whole things sounds like a very scary story to me; “A psycho who
    stream PoV deaths on Omegle” and almost sounds like a real thing, spooky.*

  68. 5:50 – “PAYNE KILLERS!”

    Man, the voice for this guy is pretty epic.

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