Ready Player One Review

Did director Steven Spielberg do the pop culture-loaded bestseller justice?

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  1. 7.5 you’re welcome

    • 7.5 is just typical IGN.

    • Didn’t do me any favors. The video is 3 minutes.

    • Yeah, I honestly found little-no spoilers I honestly don’t wouldn’t expect. The 7.5? Yeah, I’ll decide cor.myself because I feel like this got treated like another typical IGN video game review.

      Btw IGN….. I MISS GA.ETRAILERS (style) reviews! Revamps that stuff with a decent department to upload new 1s, maybe. Was so nicely broken down and presented in it’s time…. Story/plot, presentation, design, gameplay, virdict. (which I consider an overall replay value and review score virdict)

  2. As much as i want this to be a great movie because im a gamer, it feels like its going to be a whole lot of fan service. But who nows i might be wrong

    • There’s nothing wrong with fan service, unless it’s forced providing nothing to the movie other than “Oh, I know what that is!!!”

    • harrison jananto that’s the whole point of it. The book is full of 80s references the author grew up in that time period so it makes sense. The have obviously added new addition like tracer in order to update it.

    • rockyscarlet book was about an Easter egg hunt, made buy the guy who co-created the Oasis, who happened to grow up in the 80s and was obsessed with the 80s. Of course the movie has 80s references because of the hunt but that doesn’t mean there will be characters from halo and overwatch.

  3. J. Michael Miller


  4. From what she was saying I genuinely thought it would’ve been an 8 or 8.5

    • I said high 8s or 9. The entire review she nothing but positive stuff besides the backstory and the cheesey stuff

    • Not really, she privides several problems with the movie from a weak villain to extremaly shallow character development. Sounded like a 7.5 to me.

  5. *7.5 – Player 2 not ready.* – IGN

  6. Wow different from what angry joe said

  7. i think some of her question can be answered if she just reads the book, and tbh, something with a story like this are better left to the imagination, cause if told it could through the plot off, or convoluted it too much, but, 7.5 is still worth seeing. i told my self if reviews gave it anything less than a c i wasn’t going to go see. tbh i hope its better then she says it is when i go see


    Do .50 speed enjoy a drunk girl reviewing a movie lol

  9. I can’t believe vrchat already had a movie.

    • for the kind of stories and involvement of the communitiy and some characters i should say vrchat might be even better than this movie, really there are some moments that get you laugh so hard and other that makes you cry so bad, because of the feels, that you just cant imagine, just start by subscribing to nagzz21 youtube account and you will see the future its now

    • Too bad the book is from 2011

    • Endangered Mexican do you know that he can say anything he wants

    • Zombiesize go ahead let’s see what happens after ok 😂

  10. As a Tokusatsu fan, I should be upset that the Iron Giant replaced Supaidaman’s Leopardon, but I understand since Iron Giant is more well known in America.

  11. FullBlown StolenMemer

    Should’ve called it VR Chat the Movie

  12. The problem with the real world is they are tech obsessed and they don’t really explain it. The real world we live in right now is a tech obsessed without really any explanation. I’m currently watching this while on the toilet. Something we couldn’t do 10+ years ago. Imagine what it’d be like in 30+ years from now. I bet pretty similar!

    • That’s the point read the book

    • LordSpectre yes, literally all these questions are answered in the book

    • A movie should successfully stand on its own without people having to read the book. If it doesn’t, it’s a bad movie.

    • Alanah Pearce : I understand what you are saying, but a movie like this requires a read first. This movie would easily be over 3hrs long, just trying to explain every little thing for everyone. People now days need to use their imagination and just enjoy a movie. We as a society don’t need to nitpick every little thing about everything.

  13. Bruh Just READ the Damn Book

  14. 7.5 “Only one player, needs to be multiplayer…” – IGN

  15. 7.5 – Too much CGI

  16. 5/10 Can’t play offline

  17. wait 7.5 because the real world is boring? that’s the whole point the allure of the Oasis as its not dark and depressing. its almost like the the reviewer missed the entire point of the film/book

  18. 7.5 seems a little low from what she was saying or might be just me?

    • Tom Cabler Yeah IGN are pretty terrible with they’re scores.

    • Tom Cabler bo its pretty high given the characters are pretty weak, but the virtual parts make up for it. 7.5 is pretty high

    • Seems about right to me… Fun “hero’s adventure” action flick with not very deep characters and a lot of unexplained stuff and a few bad acting moments. A higher score would only be possible if you’re just hyping it as a fan of the book or something. It’s not the next Star Wars or anything… just a popcorn flick.

    • Seems too high to me

  19. I need to see this movie!


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