Raw vs. SmackDown: WWE Top 10, Nov. 19, 2016

Friendly rivalry gets personal in these 10 shocking Red vs. Blue battles.


  1. It’s smackdown vs raw. Raw vs smackdown just sounds wrong

  2. why is Broken Matt doing WWE? Is TNA gonna invade this sunday?

  3. Like and Recording will start to Play…Its Really AweSome.?
    ▶ ?──────── 00:38

  4. That man was Seth Rollins

    Let’s play Russian Roulette! Every 5 likes will be sleeping with Vince

  5. SmackDown always wins these brand tag matches but I feel like raw will win
    since they always lost in the past

  6. This year there will be Bragging Rights … or the next?

  7. My prediction: Raw wins. Ambrose goes to Raw. Shield reunites. Like if u
    like this idea

  8. Raw or
    Comment who you want to win

  9. smack down wins too much. they need to let raw win this year. but we all
    know that’s not going to happen because they are trying to make smack down
    relevant now

  10. I’m cheering for Miz, Kendrick, Team AJ, Team Breezango and Team Charlotte

  11. If Ziggler was going to be left off the card, they should’ve left Baron’s
    spot open until the show and then have Ziggler take his place.

  12. Number 8 should be called “Breast Snatcher”…

    I’m not proud of that…

  13. What have we learned? Never pick Big Show for your team.

  14. John Chavez Mr. Youtuber

    That Moment you realizr Smackdown has the MOST wins over RAW

  15. Roman Reigns Empire

    Who is waiting for SS tommorow????

  16. The thumbnail is Broken

  17. 4:04 it looked like she kicked his balls

  18. RAW will win tomorrow simply to set up Undertaker vs AJ Styles. And because
    SmackDown will win the Cruiserweight Division and keep the IC Title (via
    Sami Zayn coming to SD)

  19. If they wear those stupid brand shirts at SS…

  20. I like playing the WWE games.

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