Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – An Actual PS5 Game (Jimpressions)

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the first game to demonstrate that the PS5 is actually a PS5, which is very if you’re one of the few people watching this that own a PS5. How !

It’s also a pretty damn good game in and of itself, so it’s got that going for it.


  1. The game is absolutely stunning. There’s a rail grinding segment with a giant robot near the middle of the game that is completely bonkers

  2. This game has it all: Bright colors, shapes, noises, and even effects!

  3. It is amazing what a game dev team can do when they don’t have to crunch.

  4. First R+C game apart from free one i got with ps5 i played. Loved it and even got the platinum which is easy enough to obtain. What I really liked about this game though is it uses the new ps5 hints features. So when looking for the last couple of collectables I pressed my ps button and went to that section on my menu and it showed me where the last collectibles were. No more sitting through a 50min youtube guide trying to find the ones you’re up to. Just their.

  5. Ratchet and Clank combat may be one note, but that note is tuned to perfection.

  6. I love Jim’s reviews, because you can be sure there will be no sugar talk.
    If it’s shit, you’ll know it !
    But if it’s very good you’ll know it too.

  7. I’m just glad that you made a jimpressions. So glad to see more of these

  8. Devasta The Seeker

    Hold on, currency flying everywhere? So I can finally feel like Bobby Kotick?

  9. It’s great to see Jim just enjoying a videogame for a change. With the ungodly mess of the industry, both in the political sense and in their constant deluge of terrible products it’s too easy to lose sight of why we were here at all – to play games and have fun.

    It’s great to see a game serve as a reminder, especially when it’s a mascot platformer 🙂

  10. That glitch minigame looks a bit like the PS1 Ghost in the Shell game and I’m very here for it.

  11. I’m just gonna bookmark this video and watch when I actually have a PS5 and a copy of the game.. so yeah I’ll see you guys in like two and half years.

  12. “I like bright colours, I like shapes, I like noises”
    Jim’s getting a shape sorter for christmas

  13. Sadly forgot to mention that there’s these little things called cheat codes that open as you collect the Gold Bolts. It gives the player such amazing features as being able to change the game’s filter, ship colors, currency design and infinite health and ammo. Oh and the best part, YOU DON’T NEED TO PAY ADDITIONAL CASH TO UNLOCK THEM! Yep it’s all in game unlocks, a real video game with chest codes that you can unlock for FREE! I know I shouldn’t be so hyped about that but jeez imagine if someone like Activision or Bethesda published this game they’d charge you out your nose for ONE skin! Oh and you unlock new armor for free in game and you can customize the color whenever you want, like a proper video game!

  14. Is it sad that Ratchet and Clank has a better night life city “feeling” than Cyberpunk?

  15. “A very good game, which you like to see” – Jim Sterling

    Put that on the box. Do games come in boxes anymore?

  16. This game took me back to my childhood. Not because it’s ratchet and clank, but because it’s a finished, complete, paid for video game that doesn’t take 900 hrs to complete, has likeable characters and story, and it’s fun. Rare

  17. Kink is my favorite Ratchet & Catchit character.

  18. “you can’t go wrong by playing a giant rat with loads of guns” tell that to biomutant.

  19. The Jim Stephanie Sterling seal of approval of “it’s pretty good”, a seal so rarely placed upon modern games

  20. cheezemonkeyeater

    “I like bright colors.”
    Those aren’t just bright, those are NEON!

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