Rastakhan’s Rumble Cinematic Trailer | Hearthstone

Are you ready to RUMBLE? Ready for a battle that’s out of con-TROLL?

Dive into the fray with Hearthstone’s newest expansion: Rastakhan’s Rumble!

Mystical loas and enigmatic spirits are prepared to have your back in this battle that includes:
135 new cards to add to your collection
New keyword: Overkill
Rumble Run: FREE single-player content that tests your might against a colorful array of Rumble champions.

Pre-purchase Rastakhan’s Rumble and make sure your team is ready to throw down when the expansion launches on December 4 (PT). Two pre-purchase options are available, and you can get BOTH for double the value!

The Rastakhan’s Rumble Bundle includes 50 Rastakhan’s Rumble card packs, the Ready to Rumble card back, and a new Shaman Hero: King Rastakhan!

The Challenger’s Bundle includes 17 Rastakhan’s Rumble card packs and the Ready to Rumble card back.

Learn more at http://www.rastakhansrumble.com

LEARN MORE about Hearthstone: https://www.battle.net/hearthstone/

Hearthstone is Blizzard Entertainment’s highly acclaimed digital strategy card game that’s easy to learn and massively fun. Start a free game and play your cards to sling spells, summon creatures, and command the heroes of Warcraft in duels of epic strategy.

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  1. But they just kiled Rastakhan in WoW.

  2. Okay yeah that was cool, I love the beat

  3. Tazdingo?

  4. i WANT this music! its amazing!

  5. This is a banger of a song

  6. I really love the music and the beat of this one

  7. Meanwhile in WoW:

    *_Rastakhan’s Obituary_*

  8. hearthstone battle royale

  9. I need a remix of this, with badass drums and everything pllls

  10. Dis tralier be dope mon.

  11. SilverName HearthStone - официальный канал

    Комната ожидания контроль меты PogU (OMEGALUL)

  12. I’m so happy that songs are back to being the norm with the last 3 expansions. This one was especially amazing.

  13. If we are gonna judge the expansions by the cinematic trailers then i can say that, without a doubt, THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST EXPANSION EVER

  14. I’m so hyped (: song kinda sounds like that one song from the movie Eldorado

  15. we need a longer version of this song

  16. IloveWaffles#zenolove

    Hey Blizzard can you release a full version of this song?

  17. “Say your prayers when Gurubashi bash ya!”

    What a line.

  18. By earth, by air, rain and fire,
    The only things a real troll desires
    Are to smash, and to mash, and to bash,
    And maybe mangle
    Here in Stranglehorn
    You be warned
    My loa’s gonna trash you
    Say your prayers
    We’ll gurubashi-bash you
    Time for fun,we’re
    Gonna run you through
    Too bad for you
    It’s only once a generation
    One victor wins the confrontaction
    Standing here, got no fear
    I’m the best in the arena
    Man you’ve never seen
    A hero cut you down to zero
    Victory is no joke
    Careful that you don’t…
    Get your scar, it’s
    How a star is born
    Here in Stranglehorn

  19. Seriously, the song in insane. Insanely good.

  20. BowserwithaShotgun

    Dear Hearthsone Devs,

    Stop making such catchy songs, I can’t stop replaying the video, I have forgotten what other songs exist or sound like. All I hear is the chanting of trolls.


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