Randy Pitchford Is Poison (The Jimquisition)

I’d promise this is the last video I’m doing on Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, but I can’t guarantee against His Royal Weirdness doing something else screwed up that merits more.

Randy Pitchford’s pattern of erratic behavior and continued aggression might have made him a successful YouTuber, but as a CEO of a corporation, as a man who personally goes out of his way to represent the brand, it’s beyond untenable.

From Colonial Marines to Borderlands 3, whenever there’s a controversy involving Gearbox, Randy is almost always in the middle of it. It’s time he just… stopped.


  1. That randy pitchford… *shakes fist*

  2. Mandy Bitchford getting what he deserves.
    He doesn’t deserve Borderlands 3, but he does deserve Aliens: Colonial Marines.

  3. Josh T-Anniéchryst

    Jim Sterling should do one of those celebrity boxing match shit things that all the rappers do these days with Randy

  4. Starting to think that Jim doesn’t like Randy Pitchford

  5. Supermassive Gaming

    After this video I wonder how long it will be until Randy “forgets” your name again Jim.

  6. You know he’s a big guy….British, kind of has a hard on for me.

  7. I say to myself “Jim’s taking a while today to post.” I see the topic for today. Jim, take all the time you need for this. ☺

  8. In The Mind of Kibara

    Can’t wait for Randy’s inevitable response to this.

  9. *Hello Big Guy that has a hard on for Randy Pitchford*

    *Or at least I think it is you as the interviewer didn’t take the bait*

  10. That was an epic ProJared diss… You are a god!

  11. Jim Sterling for global overlord. (at least for video games)

  12. Manofthehalfhour

    Never forget Colonial Marines…..

    Or the time Randy tried capitalizing on Battleborne r34 which ended up backfiring….

    (Rip Battleborne)

  13. That Borderlands 3 reveal gave you a lot of good Randy Pitchford footage, didn’t it?

  14. This guy is destroying a perfectly good single player loot shooter during a time when we desperately need better loot shooters all because of his stupid reputation alone.
    Borderlands fans are trying so hard to ignore him…

  15. Anyone else get some serious Harvey Weinstein vibes from that opening clip? Randy was practically sweating Jack Daniels and contempt.

  16. Jim taking a big dump on ProJared is my most favorite intro so far. I love you Jim.

  17. Randy Pitchford is actually good at magic. I mean he made all hype for Borderlands 3 vanish!

  18. Don’t pull that hat down too far Jim, those jewels are sharp!

  19. Philosophy Tube

    he also looks like the bad henchman from Dumb and Dumber

  20. I must say that, now that Mysterio is being played by international man-babe and consequent one of the men of my dreams Jake Gyllenhaal, it’s somewhat offensive that you portray Pitchford as said Mysterio. Offensive to the universe at large, that is

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