RANDOM: Some People Are Seeing a Frozen Rayman in a Smash Bros. Ultimate Battlefield Texture

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been out for almost half a year but fans are now noticing a texture in Battlefield that bears a strikes resemblance to Ubisoft’s very own Rayman, a character that has minor cameos in both Smash Wii U & Ultimate! Is it just a coincidence or have the team really hidden Rayman in the game? Let us know what you think!


  1. DressBird Studios

    It was legit harder to see him after you changed the colors

  2. I saw Rayman in my toast this morning

  3. This is clearly a spongebob reference. Manray was frozen in tartar sauce. Rayman is frozen in ice.




  4. Imagine if this was a tease for a World of Light DLC Campaign. Oh boy.

  5. He who entertains

    Last DLC trailer: fighters are battling on the battlefield stage, crystal suddenyly breaks and Rayman jumps out knocking everyone out.

  6. Rayman was banned from Smash Bros, but he couldn’t accept that. He broke into the game’s code, and became a secret unlockable character for a short amount of time. When Nintendo found out, they couldn’t erase him from the code, so they killed him by permanently freezing him in ice, which is how he became a spirit.

  7. GameXplain: Probably just a coincidence, not much to worry about

  8. You all think this hints at Rayman, who do you think froze him in the ice? Clearly this is teasing Sub Zero. MK on Switch did just come out.

  9. *Its Captain America all over again…*

    Looks like you brought back cool bits..

  10. I didn’t know Rayman was a stage hazard.

  11. when you teach your 252 Special Attack EV squirtle ice beam

  12. Waiting to Respawn

    everyone in the comments is either shouting “coincidence” or “fighter” but like….it could be neither. it could just be an easter egg they threw in for fun, like one of the developers cat being in the ice version of pokemon stadium 2

  13. * *the next reveal video* * zooms on in the ice while players are fighting… it melts and Ray Man Winds Up!

  14. Rayman is so underrated.

  15. Junpei Draws / Gacha

    Rayman: Get me out of here!
    Sakurai: I thought you wanted to be in smash!

  16. Wow, people are stretching really hard to get Ray Man into this game.

  17. 2016: Rayman leak.
    2018: A shaped cloud that looks like Rayman.
    2019: Rayman is frozen on battlefield.
    2020: Rayman was masterhand since the beginning.
    2031: Rayman is Sakurai

  18. The Duke of Dorks

    Smash Ultimate 3.0.2 Patch Notes:

    -The Rayman-looking texture on Battlefield has been removed, to prevent silly fans from getting their hopes up. In its place, Rayman’s actual 3D model has become trapped in the crystals, and until Ubisoft agrees to make Rayman 4 exclusive to the Switch, he will remain there forever.

  19. Note how he doesn’t have his hands? That’s because they’ve gone to become master hand and crazy hand.


  20. To be fair we know the DLC roster was picked before the game was released so it’s possible they added him to the ice spire as forshadowing or something, albeit that’s unlikely.

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