Rainbow Six Siege Raises Price, Adds New Loot Boxes

continues its recent trend of smuggling fresh monetization (on top of the stuff it already does) into older .

of Siege has finally brought it gambling in the form of everybody’s favorite toy – loot boxes!


  1. Lysergic Casserole

    Slow and relentless conditioning.
    Accepting being screwed over as the norm

  2. “we didn’t intend for you to get everything…..”
    -Cooperate Greed, Current year

  3. Welp. Now I’m glad I never got it.

  4. Tr*ple A is a rude word.

  5. The lootboxes as im aware, get you items you can directly buy with free currency at random. However a single camo for 1 gun can be nearly the cost of a new operator. Its pretty stupid.

  6. welp there comes pirates and cheaters

  7. So, 2 years ago Activision, last year EA, and this year rise up Ubisoft

  8. Aw I actually like this game

  9. Jim, you seen the video from Extra Credits on the price of games today? Let’s just say I think they need you to set them straight.

  10. Bumbleness Supreme Brady

    Unless they change operator prices, I don’t fucking care.

  11. I dont see an issue here, they have been supporting this game with FREE content for three years now. So what if they wanna still charge 60 again after dropping the price.

  12. It would have taken quite some time to implement all this plus do all the artwork for the cosmetics, it’s not like they’ve thrown all this together inside of a week. I bought the standard edition just to screw around with terrorist hunt so I don’t care about how I look because no one, including myself, can see me. If anyone else playing it multiplayer can see you close enough to “check out your sweet looking cosmetics”, you’re playing it wrong or looking at a corpse.

  13. If history is any indication, “at least it’s not Battlefront 2” is a tactic that has worked and will work to convince the masses in the future. I recall that the MOMENT Payday 2 struck up controversy, Killing Floor 2 unveiled Lootboxes saying “it’s just cosmetic” and the PD2 players flocked in Droves over to it.

  14. …wasn’t this introduced in Operation Health? I swear, this alpha pack stuff was here since last summer. Still, it’s interesting how Ubi Montreal’s vision for the game, with tight balancing and making sure the playerbase isn’t split up, clashes with Ubi corporate, that treats these as revenue streams. If anyone wants a really good criticism of this monetization method, I’d recommend Raycevick’s video, titled “Operation Tough Love”.

  15. Im starting to become suspicious of my favorite game and that saddens me :/

  16. After February 13th I will choose the purchase method “still not buying”

  17. Encouraging lootboxes in any way shape or form in todays gaming brings with it the acceptance of the piss take that EA have just been destroyed for……..

  18. I don’t agree with bashing Ubisoft, they are optional, only cosmetic, no duplicate lootboxes with no impact on gameplay. That’s even better than Overwatch’s system and I don’t see you bashing Blizzard daily. The other games that add progression and gamechangers can be bashed at will 24/7 from my pov, but this isn’t. Name me one triple A game last year who had more free content updates than Wildlands, I will be here waiting. Yeah, adding lootboxes in the year of this PR craze maybe isn’t the best move – I agree with you. But some of the reasons you’re flying around don’t stick 🙁

  19. I was about to buy this game on sale for 10 bucks.. Glad I didn’t, and I shall continue to vote with my wallet. Screw the triple A garbage these days

  20. This video was made only to stir fake crap up. Currently there is a ton of skins that are only available for real money and others that were only seasonal for purchase (real money). I must be missing something.

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