RAIL THEORY – Gooey Skellington Bits

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Check out on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tryconicstudios/rail-theory


  1. first to be lame

  2. basicly resident evil 4 with scifi elements even has the dynamic difficulty looks promising

  3. This is nice.

  4. 150,000 dollars, well there is no way they’ll get that

  5. Umbrella Corp Security

    # Corpse Midget

  6. I think you may be referring to the regenerators from resident evil 4 for the big enemies.

  7. Hello I can’t think of s good name, Jim Sterling here

  8. Regenerators and the Iron Maidens Jimmy Boy

  9. The animations are so fucking stiff. I mean, they’re not actually bad, just so… gosh… damn…

  10. Don’t watch you for positivity. Unsubscribed

  11. yet another Steam Greenlight trailer

  12. You mean they remind you of Regenerators or Iron maidens from RE4

  13. This is just a portion of what the Unity engine is capable of, it’s nice to see developers with actual talent to take advantage of what the engine can do.

  14. I don’t know about this. The 3rd person shooter crowd consists of many people, but are these people interested in indie stuff? Will they fund something on kickstarter? Aren’t they more interested in graphics? Looks like a solid game but wrong genre to be profitable imo. This would have a better chance on steam but I think it needs a bit more content to be sold (even as an early access game) on a storefront.

  15. What ever happened to Plague Road, that game you did voice work for?

  16. Now he gets on Kickstarter ; )
    Our Jesus or what ever.. I heard that God loves him, i don’t know. Yes, you YOU! Mr.GodLovedKe..ogs Game Review not so good Player and … ya know… A lil peace from that YT Cookie!

    Get ON! with Kickstarter. I like it.
    Show some free Demos for ya Crowd. THX … ffor me. FIN
    p.s: lel

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