RAGE 2 OH MAH GAWD HYPE! – The Bethesda 7/10 Story

A trailer for Rage 2 came out. That’s neat, but it also reminded me of a Rage story I never got around to telling.

It’s not just Nintendo fans who dislike a 7/10…

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  1. TheWitchking123

    Hey, do you know that Boss Key studios got shut down?

  2. I really enjoyed rage.

  3. Guess them Walmart leaks were right.

  4. Next video on boss key I bet

  5. Well, at least its not another version of Skyrim…

  6. I love Rage, I love Bulletstorm, I loved Borderlands. I’m all in for this! 🙂

  7. Rage 2? Huh..I wasn’t expecting that. I liked the first one, though the ending..*sigh* One of the most disappointing endings of a video game ever. This does look better, but this is a trailer after all..We know how those go. xD

  8. Bottlecap Bellybutton

    I really enjoyed the first one. The ending was absolute trash. But the shooting was solid.

  9. Oh good, another game that nobody really gives a shit about, the first one was full back tracking and emptiness with tons of repeated missions/enemies. ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzZ They took pieces of story from mass effect and used some borderlands type gameplay, kind of meh to me

  10. The first one felt unfinished. Okay but unmemorable.

  11. If a 7/10 is controversial. Maybe game outlets should reconsider how they rate games or maybe a small portion of gamers have to grow up

  12. The forced racing bits ruined the first one for me, I hope they loose the mandatory races.

  13. You reckon they’re just releasing the trailer and announcement now instead of at E3 because they know that Borderlands 3 will most likely be revealed at E3?

  14. SteelSunglasses

    When it comes to developers complaining/unhappy about rating scores, it feels like they expected everybody to love their game.

    We all have opinions, and developers should know that. 7/10 is a good fair score, but nope, Bethesda didn’t really respect your opinion, which is ridiculous.

  15. They don’t like criticism but let me tell you that you can now play skyrim on your snowblower or lawnmower.

  16. JAGS
    Just Another Generic Shooter

  17. The original was generic and boring.

  18. I loved the first rage it was just a few tweaks shy of being great. Hopefully they fixed the issues with first one and this one is a great game. It looks really fun and crazy

  19. Don’t forget the original never actually worked!

  20. “Concerned” at the score lol. Rage was the definition of meh. Sadly I also hate the “wacky, outrageous” look of this sequel, BUT I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt until it’s out.


    Mad Max 2 > Fury Road.

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