Rage 2 – More Annoyance Than Rage (Jimpressions)

Rage 2 is pretty damn good… when it allows itself to be. When it’s not being good, it’s being frequently irritating and boring thanks to broken pacing and open world busywork.

The frustration is that its high points are really cool, but they feel few and far between due to the stuttered pacing. A fundamentally good game actively diminished by poor design decisions.


  1. Jim…did you use music from the cardiacs? Never expected anyone to use their stuff.

  2. First one was meh, expectations for the second was ever worse

  3. Sooooo in other words, if you’re looking for a tight fps experience with light rpg elements, you’re probably better off waiting for Doom Eternal or Borderlands 3.

    Personally I’m still waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 to scratch that fps action-rpg itch…

  4. I’ll wait until someone will make a mod that turns off all pink missing textures.

  5. Pop Culture Primer

    So, this game would have been better as a more linear game?

  6. Immediately when I heard the music I was wondering if i miss-clicked Hellsing Abridged

  7. Once I found out hitting melee skips dialogue the game got way better

  8. Ah yes, another game on my list to buy when it’s 10 bucks, thank you for saving me 80 CAD Jim! Always a lifesaver, thank God for you!

  9. bobthebuilders mother

    RAGE 2 is a fine example of why DOOM isn’t open world and never will be.

  10. Rage 2 is a great game bogged down by many minor inconveniences that really shouldn’t be there.

  11. Oh well, wait until it’s a fiver on Steam then.

  12. I swear I can’t discern a modern fps from another anymore. Same guns, same UI, same settings, same wording, same animations. If you remove “Rage 2” from the title of the video it could be anything

  13. This is the content I sub for. You describe your experience with a game so well that any seasoned gamer should pick up on exactly how you felt playing.

  14. Your Pal Kindred

    I’m not surprised the world is bland and shit. Every open world is now.

  15. “Less funny Borderlands” sounds like a kind of achievement.

  16. They should get rid of the boxes and have the enemies drop most of the loot. That would at least fix one problem.

  17. i’m glad i’m not the only person that got pissed off at having to crouch to break boxes literally pissed me off soooooo bad

  18. the game is sum up as “id software did their job, while avalanche dropped the ball”

  19. This game has microscamtractions (rage coins?). BIG PASS!

  20. So… Basically Rage 2 is the embodiment of that one ProZD sketch where he likes the combat but keeps getting sidetracked by other shit he doesn’t like.

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