River City Ransom but different a bit.


  1. I really like the visuals but jeez the combat looks bad.

  2. I noticed Jim pronounces ICO “Eye-Co”.

  3. hey Jim I get alot of gears of war ads so will you cover it?

  4. Yourwolfsdengaming

    Well now, if this doesn’t remind people of Code Monkeys, I just don’t know
    what will.

  5. The “block” in the beginning looks to be a muay thai-style block – that is,
    he’s lifting up his leg to block a low kick, while at the same time
    blocking a punch with his arm.

  6. Paper Mario?

  7. I like the hybrid art style, actually i like it quite a lot, it needs a lot
    of gameplay polish, and maybe a little art polish.

  8. This looks fairly good.

  9. Bungis Albondigas

    Seams to be a divisive title, for what ever reason. I think it needs to
    improve quite a bit, maybe find a way to throw Co op in there or something.
    It’s a very flat world as well, where is the verticality? It’s different
    though, especially compared to most of these Greenlight games.

  10. The character is a bald, beige man and nobody has mentioned Jonathan Holmes
    yet? That’s what my mind first jumped to, anyway.

  11. Is it me, or the camera needs to be tilted downwards slightly to maintain a
    perspective we’re used to in beat’em’ups?

  12. This looks fun! Love the style!

  13. Jonathn Holmes the Video Game

  14. This doesn’t seem dreadful, but man, that graphical style is trying a
    little too hard to be unique.

  15. The Blue Bear is actually usable really easy if you have a projectile
    weapon, like a gun, which you get later in the game and can go back and
    play the level with better weapons and characters. You just can’t melee
    while riding it.

  16. Huh, a neat little detail with the damage from weapons bouncing around, and
    the visual design seems decent, but yeah, although competent the mechanics
    need a little more meat to them, or more to use them on at least.

  17. I really love the whole “shrinking when you punch them” deal. It cute.

  18. “retro inspired” aka bad pixel art.

  19. Mirage Gaocariomon

    Well, if you’re going to knock-off a game, knock-off a good one, and River
    City Ransom is a good game to knock-off =3

  20. that is either a block or he is breaking wind. I am not exactly sure.

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