Radical Heights – XTREEEEEME Early Access! (Jimpressions)

I guess rushing the game out got them a fair bit of commercial , but creatively it's a dump so far.



  2. It’s unfinished…
    *2 DA Xtreme*

  3. Ah here come all the PUBG/Fornite Clones. Jesus H Christ.

  4. Prophet of regret dt

    who the fuck thinks its ok to release a game that does not even have textures to the public? i don’t care if its early access.

  5. This was third most streamed game on twitch recently. What does that say about twitch and the BR genre??

  6. 360 p babyyyyy

  7. Lime Twist Animations

    This looks more like a fucking dev test! The textures are still just developer ones!

  8. I thought it fitting to rush publication of this before YT had rendered it for HD.

  9. 3:16 Were you stuck on air there?

  10. Is “XTREME early acces” code for “pre-alpha”?

  11. Still runs better then Pub G ever did.

  12. I had to window too. My screen kept flickering on an off for some reason and even when it was not I had like 5 FPS.

  13. This looks even more janky and cobbled together than PUBG, and that game already looks janky and cobbled together. Except PUBG is fun and this… maybe, MAYBE, if this was the first game in the genre it might work.

  14. Why didn’t they just make a lawbreakers battle royale mode? That game at least looked pretty?

  15. “Hero shooters were popular for a minute”

    That is so danm true.

  16. Game shows bore me, and so do battle royale games.

  17. Surprised Bethesda hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon with a Fallout Battle Royale.

  18. Damn, to think that there was once a time when I actually looked up to Cliff Blizenski…..

  19. _When Crowbcat makes a video about this , it’s lights out for Radical Heights._

  20. This vid can be used as preservation for this games player base that will likely die faster lawbreakers did, at least that game was finished

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