RADICAL HEIGHTS OH MAH GAWD HYPE! – Oh, Another Battle Royale Game

Radical Heights more like Cynical Heights, right?

Boss Key Productions might be having some identity trouble. After failing to find an audience chasing the “hero shooter” concept with Lawbreakers, they're back with Radical Heights!

It's a royale


  1. In The Mind of Kibara

    Funnily enough, me and my friends have been talking shit about this game for just being another Battle Royale game.

  2. Mathew Ricafrente

    I thought Radical Heights sounded like the name for a level in a Sonic game

  3. Battle royals are the most boring thing ever

  4. Sooner or later, these Battle Royale games are gonna die a horrible painful death due to oversaturation in the game market. It’ll literally be the same when developers tried to copy the whole hero shooter thing from Overwatch.

  5. Optimus Princeps Bob Boblington

    I want a Battle Royale game where you drop 64 developers into an arena and they have to scavenge GPUs, laptops, servers and other electronics and be the first build their own Battle Royale game.

  6. I hope cliff says something like “it’s the dark souls of battle royales”

  7. If this game doesn’t sink Boss Key I will be legitimately amazed.

  8. Its colourful.

    We still happy about colourful games or sick of em now?

  9. They should stop chasing trends. No, seriously, they should stop. They keep trying to make games in crowded markets, which more often than not guarantees failure in 90% of circumstances. Lawbreakers failed because it was trying to compete in the bloated hero shooter market. And based on how things are going in the battle royale genre, the same will most likely happen to this game.
    I want Bosskey to actually achieve success, but I really don’t think that can be achieved through chasing trends. Instead, I think Cliffy B and Co. should focus on setting trends

  10. I don’t enjoy the random nature of the battle royale genre. I would rather play something more tactical. -_-

  11. IGV IOS and Android Gameplay Trailers

    Bosskey Productions is even more desperate than an anime fan on prom night.

  12. Bottlecap Bellybutton

    God help them if there’s something even remotely resembling a frying pan in this game.

  13. If LawBreakers died because a lot of people compared it to Overwatch, you’d think BossKey would be non-dumb enough to not make a game that everyone would compare to Fortnite. They’re making the exact same mistake again.

  14. I hope they are not trying to label this as a 80 shooter because they already mess that up with the bikes. I see a mixture of old and new school parts already.

  15. *I went around and met with EA, Activision and Ubisoft and I’d go into this meeting, a little bit cocky, and I put the book down, I’d be like…I want to make another billion dollar IP*

    *We’re actually happy there’s games like Overwatch out there, so we can actually look at what they’re doing and specifically say, let’s not go in that direction*

    – Cliff Blezinski on Lawbreakers

  16. Good ol’ CliffyB. He never learns a single lesson

  17. But it IS unique Jim! Didn’t you see the BMX tricks?

  18. Let’s also remember that this launching on the same day as an overwatch event….just like lawbreakers.

  19. Imagine if Epic sued this game that would be interesting

  20. yeah, because making a balanced team vs team game with different unique classes requires skill and effort to produce,
    where battle royale garbage is just creating a bunch of weapons, one map, and call it a day

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