Radical Heights Live with Heather and Paul!

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Heather and Paul sit down to check out , the newest game from ! Join us in the chat. Starts at 1:40


  1. This game looks like doo doo from a toilet

  2. Cliff saw his old company make that money and said, fuck why did I ever leave!?!?!? Now I want that pubG money!!!!!

  3. I kinda love that you just fall and roll like that. Looks neat but obviously they have a long way to go if this is gonna compete with the big boys.

  4. Is it sad that not only they pubg get copies but fucking battle Royale got copied as well!?!?!? By an ex epic employee….what is with the pubg connected copy cats!?!?! Pubg works with epic using the unreal 4….now Cliff is making a pug style game…look at the art and the weapon UI slots…..super fortnite BR

  5. Paul, nice first cassette. Mine was Wolf Sounds from a Walmart.

  6. Winnies from Breaking Bad in the bunker. Cool.

  7. pulp fiction reference with royal w/cheese

  8. This looks like one of those horseshit, bargain-barrel steam games that uses pre-made assets from the Unity store. Well if it worked for pubg?

  9. 1980 called they want graphics back, this ugly ass game is a PUBG rip off, if gamers want kiddie graphics play fort nite Royale, but this game is worse than no man sky

  10. LAMBDACHI - A Casual GamerTM

    Okay, I’m just going to give this game the benefit of the doubt and say it definitely has potential. As stated, it is in “Extreme Early Access”, so a lot of things are subject to change. What Boss Key should focus on right now is fleshing out their map and aesthetic choice, because it seems a lot of the core gameplay mechanics have been implemented.

    Sure it may draw comparisons to PlayerUnknown’s and Fortnite Battle Royale, but in its current state Radical Heights already puts some unique spins on the formula, such as a money system and grid-based enclosure.

    Also, just because a game popularized a genre doesn’t mean they have the exclusive rights to said genre. There were plenty of games and mods with the Battle Royale formula before PUBG made it popular, most notably The Culling.

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