Quantic Dream Or Quantic Nightmare? (The Jimquisition)

Following of a fully crap working environment at , looks at what’s been said and done, and the response from he most often see at the Dream’s helm.

Extra Content: Fuck Konami


  1. Who the hell recorded your entrance in VERTICAL?! Was it Chip?!

  2. You’re a beautiful person, Jim. Never stop wearing spandex.

  3. A Pawn Called Bishop

    I still dont truly believe that Jim is a genuine wrestle-boy

  4. How’s your back, Jim?

  5. In The Mind of Kibara


  6. Drink a Beer and Play a Game

    -has fucked up back
    -jumps through the curtain for entertainment

    thank god for Jim

  7. Sterdust action figures WHEN?!?!?!

  8. Will Detroit come out smelling like roses or will it end up smelling like Jims jockstrap after a wrestling match?

  9. *Why so serious mr. STUUUUURLING*

  10. I want to meet whoever designed, sewed, and did the measurement of your wrestling outfit.
    Just to ask what string of life decision they made to get there.

  11. We need to push Sterdust for Summer Slam.


  13. why are all video game companies complete shitshows when it comes to internal operations.

  14. Life’s Good when you know Ellen Page

  15. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    Sterdust makes Mondays 10 times better.

  16. Konami doesnt do glorified gambling, they do the real thing.

  17. I’d rather meet Sterdust than Ellen Paige.

  18. David Cage YOU DONE FUCKED UP..

  19. “I’ve got nothing against Ellen Page. Some of my best friends are Ellen Page.”

  20. I really wouldn’t be surprised by ANYTHING slimy going on with Quantic Dream.

    Mainly because their games feel slimy to me, especially once Beyond Two Souls became a thing. That game always felt like someone (no names) had a disturbing fixation with Ellen Page.

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