PUBG MOBILE x Baby Shark | The Treasure Squad | OFFICIAL Music Video

PUBG x Baby Shark Collaboration launches today! ğŸŽ‰

Check out all the new Baby Shark Items ğŸŽ’ !


Music Video Credits:

1. Produced by: Pinkfong
2. Written by: Pinkfong
3. Composed by: Pinkfong
4. Arranged by: Pinkfong, Baby Shark Music Studio NUVO
5. Performed by: Baby Shark Music Studio NUVO, Marshall Jeanwon Bang, Michael David Yantzi
6. Mixed and Mastered by: Baby Shark Music Studio NUVO



  1. Mr.YESHHOfficial

    what the frick has pubg become ;-;

  2. What the……

  3. snickerrrr eaterrrr

    Why is a violent shooter game collabing with a cartoon for 3 year olds? This is so cursed

  4. ÑŽÑ€Ñ‡Ğ¸Ğº рuвg 6

  5. ibasicallymakesongs

    I used to Also play this with my dad when I was 9 and now years later Old erangel still OK but looks good er now!

  6. They really should partner up with kny

  7. whats next fortnite x baby shark?

  8. This video will compete with coco melon

  9. Farhan Rizki Ahnafa

    This collab is more cursed than Fortinite x Naruto

  10. Farhan Rizki Ahnafa

    “We want old Erangel back”

    Should’ve told Tencent to stop making cursed collabs earlier…..

  11. Ah yes, pubg a game series known for being violent and having very fucked up lore collaborating with a cartoon for 3 year olds

  12. Ok im deleting pubg

  13. We want old erangle map back please

  14. what is this add broo

  15. Please bring back old kill feed..

  16. I thought pinkfong was kid friendly but they collabed with a killing video game 😳

  17. 😐

  18. Some random person here

    i’m sorry what the FRICK!?

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