PUBG Makers Start Suing Over Copyrights And Frying Pans

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds isn’t endearing itself much to the community in its response to imitation.

Far from flattered, the PUBG team have gone from threatening Epic to filing against mobile games who chomp their flavor.



  1. Sounds like the fine brothers but in game dev form

  2. Jim you totally should trademark “Thank god for me”.

  3. If that’s the case, then under the same logic, couldn’t the producers of the film _Battle Royale_ sue PUBG for including a battle royale match? (And _17 years earlier_ than PUBG!) I mean, the clue’s in the name. :3

  4. God, I don’t play these battle royale games (but I’m sure I remember Minecraft Hunger Games got there first) but how insecure and petty these developers are! You can’t trademark a genre, a frying pan, or a chicken! You came along first, got beat, either get better or stop whining, and stop trying to sue everyone around you.

  5. “Previous shooter games did not include the use of a frying pan”
    Team Fortress 2 beat ya to it m8.

  6. The usage of a frying pan as a weapon stretches back long before pubg, I honest to god do not know what they’re thinking.

  7. Έκτορας Ελευθεριάδης

    Team fortes two
    Super mario rpg
    Smash bross
    Left for dead 2
    Silent hill
    Tangle is ( it is a movie but how cares)
    Had pans for weopons before pubg

  8. PUBG Corp is sad, instead of building their name with excellent quality, they let it stagnate in favor to chase the money. Its like Ark or DayZ all over again, they are so drowned in their own success that they lost the humilty and passion needed to take the game to the next level.

  9. Iconic frying pan hahahah. Pitiful.
    Also, they put a meme picture in a lawsuit. Oh my word.

  10. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    Fixing the unstable servers and making the game actually run good? Nah.
    Suing people for the most outlandish reasons? Hell yeah!

  11. There’s a forgotten First Person Shooter from 1995 where you start off with a frying pan as first weapon. That game is PO’ed (released for Playstation 1 and 3DO), developed by Any Games and published by Accolade.

  12. Hey, remember when PUBG had crates with cosmetics in them that were just plain recreations of the outfits from the live action Battle Royale film?

    Given their attitudes on this subject, I’m sure Bluehole purchased the rights from both Toei Company and Koushun Takami to use both the (actually iconic) costume design from the film, based on Takami’s novel and franchise, right?

    I mean, seeing as Brendan Greene and Bluehole are so particular about intellectual property, they definitely paid everyone their dues. For sure.

  13. They’re just angry Fortnite is twice as successful and they don’t have to sue anyone about anything

  14. They should use more time to develope their game rather than building law suits from Frying Pans
    Talk about wasting resources…

  15. They’re digging their own grave

  16. What next, they gonna get pissy at Valve for using Frying Pans in L4D, TF2, etc.?

    Please god do it, that shit would be funny

  17. You could argue that PUBG would not exist without the Day Z mod and standalone game.

    All they’ve did is remove the zombies and added the time limit. So, basically, fuck you PUBG team.

  18. suing chinese games? hahahahahhahahahahha good luck with that

  19. I like how they’re being sue happy about an idea that they didn’t even come up with originally

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