PS4 Linux Fai0verflow

su Playstation 4 mostrato al 32esimo Chaos Communication Congress



  2. waiting on Xbox One Exploit

  3. fuck monopolistic Sony, bring steam OS on ps4. you people are great.
    fuckers at Sony want us to pay for using our own internet to play online.


  5. If PS4 hackability progresses beyond proof-of-concept demonstrations and
    enters the realm of “practically useful,” I’ll likely end up getting
    another PS4 for tinkering.

  6. stupid fucking assholes like you ruin gaming.

  7. What did these guys study to do something like this????

  8. I hope some day the hackers make the PS4 to run Xbox One games so i don’t
    have to buy one.

  9. im a tech noob, so what is the benefit of this?

  10. Why is he clapping to his own stuff ? lol

  11. Holy shit

  12. Poderei instalar e jogar os jogos de PC no PS4??????????????? PS4 esta
    emulando jogos de PC??????



    wow amazing work !!

  15. why would Sony be made about this if you were able to run Linux on the ps3
    60 gb model? until they removed it in a update.

  16. My new year’s present ?

  17. so why i should install linux on my ps4??? i think this is stupid hack.

  18. we need hacked games for free . not a stupid linux… what the fuck. why
    every one so happy ? i cant understand!!

  19. So why not just buy a PC and dwnld steam for free -_-

  20. They should’ve tried running Dolphin on it.

  21. RIP PC Mustard Race, Xbots and Wiitards.

  22. Console resolution!

  23. holy shit, I stood up and started clapping. Had to plug in a new keyboard
    because my other one is covered in coffee now.

    Well done.

  24. Beautiful :)

  25. So they’re running a romhack of pokemon emerald on a linux OS from a PC?
    Zero proof of using a PS4 anyway, so they’re obviously lying. There’s
    nothing special about this. Bravo frauds.

  26. all this for pokemom :/

  27. benchmark cpu?

  28. It’s funny to see the hypocrisy around here, all the belly dancing isn’t
    fooling anyone, everyone is waiting for piracy, no need to get ashamed

  29. L O L

  30. This is the power of technology.

  31. Sony = Triggered

  32. I knew it! I knew it was possible. Took a long time though. I expected it
    to be done last year, but I guess it’s harder to do than I thought. Anyway,
    nice job! :D

  33. What’s the point tho..?

  34. 0:33 did someone fart? Lol

  35. so much fucking autism in this video

  36. Wild and hilarious! great job guys!

  37. Cong! :)

  38. I’m really not trying to be antagonistic, but why is this so great beyond
    just “Oh, wow, you got that machine to do something that it wasn’t really
    meant to do, nice job”?

    You can spend less money on a computer that you put together yourself, run
    Linux on it, and have better performance than what you’re going to get out
    of the PS4. It’s like “hacking” the motor of a Lamborghini to work in a
    mini-van. Good job, but you’re not unlocking some hidden potential that
    Sony is trying to keep from you – this is useless.

  39. People are asking if the PS4 can now run SteamOS now that Linux can be
    installed. I’d like to follow that question up with, can the PS3 run
    SteamOS since Linux could be installed on it as well?

  40. xxxANTRAXELM1xx x

    what does that mean and what you can do with that tho

  41. I enjoy the idea of being able to do more.

    alas 99% of this will be used to steal games and other content.

  42. This video going viral just made sure this project is now dead.

  43. get back to me when I can pirate games.

    also what’s up with the team being so smug?

  44. get back to me when I can pirate games.

    also what’s up with the team being so smug?

  45. cool but ps4 sucks dick

  46. Wait what happened???

  47. good work ?

  48. Pokemon emerald!! :D

  49. This is cool but ultimately pointless. It would be stupid to use a PS4 for
    older games when you could just play them on a PC or original console. Not
    everything needs to be open source, the main point of Playstation is to
    give us good exclusives which they have done through the years by a

  50. Niceeeeeeee! Suck it Sony!

  51. Ubercool Alfred pennyworth

    Yay there’s a reason to get a ps4 now

  52. this is so boss

  53. Won’t this screw with the games industry? Because, who wants more amazing
    games anyways right?

  54. You are the salt of life.

  55. I’m not going to be impressed until they install Windows XP and play

  56. Is this legal or? Can someone elaborate why is or isn’t ..


  58. hola hardmurderos Jaja


    Alguien esta aqui por harmurdog? xD

  60. never seen so many people clap over linux succesfully booting, hah

  61. Tahsin “Thigricx” Kaya

    lan olum windows kursanızda bütün oyunları atsaka

  62. So the ps4 can only run pokemon? seems right for 8th gen consoles.

  63. Still cool putting linux on a ps4. but to anyone that thinks this is going
    to be comparable to a steam machine, your higher than me….

  64. I’d love to see that thing loading SteamOS, just for the irony.

  65. Psvita is fucked by its web bowser too. Sony will probsbly remove the web
    browswr in the next update.

  66. Liverpool represent!

  67. Say hello to a 400€ expensive In-Home-Streaming client… UNLESS of course
    they make the 3D acceleration work (unlike with the PS3).
    Too bad Sony will most likely patch this soon enough.

  68. Say hello to a 400€ expensive In-Home-Streaming client… UNLESS of course
    they make the 3D acceleration work (unlike with the PS3).
    Too bad Sony will most likely patch this soon enough.

  69. I may consider buying one , let’s see where is this going first .

  70. Congratz Fai0verflow! Finally someone has done it :)

  71. This looks amazing but I’m sure Sony, like they did with the PS3, will
    patch it out so the regular Joe won’t be able use it unless they stop
    updating their system. But this should be a huge stepping stone in creating
    a PS4 emulator in the future which I’m more excited about.


    The current gen consoles are just PCs without a desktop OS.

  73. can we play pirated game now ?

  74. great guys!

  75. GranHermano Bigbro

    fuck the SONY good job running LINUX on the PS4!!!!!

    stupid locked consoles

  76. +1 for Gentoo with OpenRC.
    Aaaand intersted about mesa patches?

  77. It really amazes me how this organisation is actually sniffing their own
    farts over installing Linux on a game console. You would think they would
    wait to actually accomplish something useful in life first.

  78. Looks like they found a browser exploit and spoofed the DNS to redirect it
    to an exploit page.

  79. bunch of freakin NERDS! 

  80. Roberto Miramontes

    man when Sony let’s us hack they got my $300

  81. Roberto Miramontes

    i7 2 600 for sale

  82. اكيد بيتهكر نفس جيل القديم

  83. Didn’t Sony sue Geohot and fail0verflow over PS3 jailbreak?

    This is got trouble written all over it.

  84. Lenox Wilcox (LNX)

    shots fired

  85. So … I can play emulators on a ps4(dolphin..pcsx2…??)

  86. да когда уже взломают? чтоб бесплатно поиграть

  87. everyone looook at me I can hack PS4 to let people be pirate in the sea wow
    suck pro much wow so intelligent human in da world wow clap your fucking
    hands plz

  88. It’s glorious :D

  89. Владислав Дорошенко


  90. Hack Xbox One for Forza <3

  91. To run linux on Ps4 ? That thing without grace , I prefer a jailbreak Ps4
    that is much better than this

  92. I now have a reason to buy a PSforeigner

  93. De huevos

  94. Hackers México

  95. ?@&//19475.189.23

  96. Only 0.8 CPU Ghz? What?!

  97. eres el mejor , like

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