PS4: 10 Things SONY DOESN’T Tell You

Looking for some extra tips to get the most out of your PlayStation 4? We’ve got you covered!


  1. I was expecting bad things not the most useful thing EVER

    • +frogger5509 lol ps3 didn’t need money for online access. but since xbox 360 did it and nobody gave a shit, sony started doing it too.

      and not like it prevented hackers from stealing psn accounts.

      plus they’re double dipping at this point. 30% cut from game devs. and then $60/year from players.

    • Sensational Ennush

      +Punisher 9472
      Ooh, sorry mate

    • +Punisher 9472 but that “pay for online” also gets you free games every month…

    • This is why you go through all the settings when you get something new – then once everything is… well… set (duh) you rarely ever need to go back there and you don’t have to wait until something annoys you enough that you go googling for a solution that was there the whole time.

    • Young Dagger Dick

      Gameranx is a ps4 fanboy of course not

  2. TheKingofBabylon PSN

    Sony doesn’t tell you that your playstation will sound like a plane engine when you play with it

    • +Afloat Cashew You only need the screwdriver if you’ve never cleaned it. If you clean it every other week by simply vacuuming the side vents you should be fine.

    • DutchGreen Gaming

      TheKingofBabylon PSN

      Meh, the disc reader is a bit loud, but after that settles down it’s not that bad. Almost soundless. The fans of my 4k gaming PC sound like the build-up to a nuclear attack when I boot it up.

    • All you need are $3 screwdrivers and a $5 can of air to clean it,but some people think that a $500 dollar console is cheaper than $8.

    • Amir Pourghoureiyan

      Only in newer/demanding titles will the fans kick up (that is if your system is relatively clean) – the processors will turbo to their max frequency and require a lot more airflow to not overheat and throttle the performance.

    • I breathe louder than my ps4 pro…
      & never makes a sound when i start any game.

  3. Its not machine washable.

  4. Always watch out for Magpies

    The original PlayStation wasn’t actually Sony’s sole brainchild. It was initially a partnership with Nintendo, the then leading gaming console frontrunner. The console named Play Station (emphasis on the space) or Super Disc would be a CD add-on to the Super Nintendo. The whole concept was shaken when Nintendo started to question Sony and setup a partnership with Philips, a very poor decision. Following this act of treachery, Sony went on to make the Playstation and secured the top spot in the console war. The Playstation, throughout its life, had many names; PS-X, PS1, Playstation and PSone.

  5. **Turns on TV**
    **Ps4 turns on and tv switches to the ps4 hdmi input_**
    But I wanted to watch TV through my laptop

    Ps4: *_NO_*

    • +PowerStar004 it does for me and when i turn off the TV the ps4 goes in to rest mode.

    • I wish this feature worked all the time for me. All the settings are on for it but it doesn’t always work (and I mean it rarely works). I don’t have cable because the only use my TV gets is all things PlayStation

    • +PowerStar004 turning tv off will not turn off ps4

    • Setup the ARC on your TV not to turn on devices connected to your ARC port. This is a 2 way thing, either the PS4 can turn on the tv(there is a setting on the PS4) OR the TV can turn on the PS4 (also a setting on your TV), seems to me like you need to turn off the ARC setting on your TV.

  6. Nicholas Montgomery

    Here’s a tip. If you want to share a game with a friend, you can set their ps4 as your home system and your ps4 as their home system. When you buy a new game, they can log in as you, download it, log in as themselves, and they can then play the game for free. My wife and I do this for all our multi-player games. Saves us from having to buying the game twice.

    • Bartholomew Allen

      Typhoonjake007 no it wont bruh. Sony knows about gamesharing. it was actually better on ps3 since multiple can use an account. sony changed the rules on it so they know about it

    • Me and my cousin do this. I got cod4 and rdr2 for free cus my cousin bought it and I just downloaded it

    • Nicholas Montgomery Does this work for discs too or only downloaded bought games from the PS store??

    • Bartholomew Allen it really was meant for yourself if you have multiple ps4’s but people misused it. You can get banned if you tell sony you gave the password to him. you cant give someone your password. its illegal but they dont have the right to ban you because maybe you got to his house and put the password yourself.

    • Nicholas Montgomery

      +PartheNaan only from PS store. If you use a disc, you’ve got to have the disc in your ps4 to play. Test this if you’ve got a disc.

  7. Hmm now i need to go in my attic and retrieve that box.

  8. This video was full of useful information, some i already knew but im a massive nerd and pay attention to that sort of stuff… but screen sharing? I completely forgot about that… that’s kind of a game changer…

    Now I get to push the “share” button for the first time not on accident! Thanks!

    • I’ve had both

    • When Devils Strike

      +Alexander Lopez sony knows. Why do you think primary accounts even exist? We didnt have this when the ps4 first came out (x1 did n thats why it sold bad, funny how they dont have it anymore but ps4 does. Almost like one company started from the ground up n the other has always been a money hungry machine or something)

    • +Tim Larsen well yes but if u both have + then its multplayer with 1 Game only 1 of u need the game

    • +PGPlayz oh, really? I knew you could play xbox games on PC (which is incidentally why I sold my xbox) but I didnt know they were integrated that tightly… hm

      Kinda makes you wonder why Fable 2 was never released on PC, but maybe that’s just me… or it could be the single worst thing Microsoft had ever done and is, in large part, responsible for its lackluster sales figures… could be either, really.

    • +Frowlinian yeah on the windows 10 Xbox app

  9. I personally don’t think they should be ever allowed to take your digital games from you, except in extreme cases of modification to hardware.
    Ban you from online play for multiple cases of abuse: Yes
    Take your games: No never
    We need better consumer rights in this non-physical media age Imo.

    • +Court Beckius I’m not arguing with you. Just want you to get your thoughts. What about that hacker/moder who got taken to court at around the end of last year by rock star and the judge went in rock star’s favour and gave the moder £2000 fin plus 3 year’s in jail for he’s moden. Rock star gave evidence showing because of this guy they lost millions of dollars. After that the American Europe and UK with high court judgment past a law saying that modern and hacking is an a fence. You are sold the game under licence agreements if you brake them your break a licence law. I read in some European countries have given them the right to shut down game’s. Just wanted to know your thoughts on this?

    • +sopcannon “hard copies”. . .right. . .That is a dream at this point. Yes, you have a physical disk. But, games today are too big to fit on that disk. You still need a connection to download the full game. I hate that part of it.

    • +Shelvs HOTpencil You mean to tell me you use your Vita for things other than porn?

    • 🐞🐞 *I МÀSТU!RВÀТЕ Т0 VID!Е0S 0N МY СHАNNЕ!L! L0!0K!* 6️⃣

    • so if sony came to your house and took your games away or smashed them up that would be ok, right?

  10. Well you just give me a reason to continue buying physical copies that and I like physical copies

    • Actually digital is more valuable, our family has got multiple ps4s with an account that we use to purchase games. Whenever someone buys a game, all of us can play it if we want to.

    • It’s the frequent big sales that keep me buying them digitally.

    • +ArminVonLiberty same

    • It is kind of scary, but on the other hand, what on earth are you doing to get banned?

    • +Rizzygames* G more valuable????? Ever heard of VGA sealed games??? Games with a VGA rating are worth 1000s of $, you can send them your old games, let’s say Ocarina of time and depending on the quality of the box and disc you will get a rating, which will make the price and that can even go up to 10000$,
      so no, digital is not more valuable.

  11. Fun fact: paying for online is a ripoff

    • +Nicki Minaj – Topic not all games need ps plus to play online

    • Nicki Minaj - Topic

      Kool Cool obviously and those free games aren’t really free, you’re still paying for it just to access the games and most of the time those free games per month are trash, funny how on pc you can do all of that but for free.

    • Planet Orange Gaming

      Nintendo Entertainment Online

    • +SithStalker6 why it is free/more stable on pc then ? never understood this argument (legit comment no trolling here)

    • Its either kids or poor people always complaining about subscriptions.
      You get updates, free games, bonus add-ons etc etc.
      Go play on old gen & see how that FREE ONLINE WORKS OUT FOR YOU.

  12. what am i doing?

    Had my ps4 on and the notifications got me

  13. #1 is a great argument as to why you should NOT buy digital. Your games are controlled at the whim of a company.

    Buying digital, puts you under the iron fist of a company’s EULA/TOS. It also puts you under the iron fist of any amendments made to that EULA/TOS over time. Food for thought, at the very least.

    • Bartholomew Allen

      just dont fuckin break the rules

    • POOL GOLD it really isn’t for everyone with sub par Internet speeds. Downloads can be upwards of 2 hours whereas a disc install is less than 20mins. Occasionally some downloads will occur but you can start the main game up and in the background the rest will download oppose to waiting a much greater time

    • You don’t own the disc either.
      Buy a game and skip the next few console updates.
      Your disc won’t be readable.
      This happened to me.

      Test it yourself. Reformat your console and pop in a disc two years outside of the console creation date.
      It won’t work.

      Congratulations, you’re already under the iron fist.
      I’d rather take the option that doesn’t kill the console as fast. Aka- digital.

    • +Skuntac thays why playstation sucks.least with xbox it works you just cant have your achievements score set until you go back online

    • phoogles I felt that

  14. Here’s a couple Sony better fix. If you have 2 ps4s because you bought a launch model and a pro later (pro living room, launch in bedroom), they will brick one every time the internet goes down. Way to treat your customers sony.
    If you buy a tv series from their store and half of the episodes are from some random show instead of what you bought, they will run you through meaningless tech fixes before they tell you to fuck off and attempt to keep your money.

  15. In short, if you buy a $60 game and you use a 20% coupon/code, you will only pay $48.00.

  16. Two Fortnite Ads in one video… is Apex really hurting Fortnite that bad?

  17. Share play is really laggy, both parties need high speed internet connection

    • +Hov 1. He’s 19. Not exactly a “child” I’m afraid. 2. I only reacted to his attack. No hypocrisy here.

    • ArminVonLiberty true

    • Ghost Of Razgriz

      +ArminVonLiberty That’s literally what defines hypocrisy. “I am a pacifist! I only hit him because he hit me first!”

      Also my shareplay runs perfectly smooth. There is a delay between inputs and depending on the game the delay is longer or shorter but it’s always there and It can’t be sony servers because the playstation doesn’t access server space to shareplay. It’s connecting directly to the host ps4 and then streams the content back.

    • +Ghost Of Razgriz You’ve clearly missed the point. So, your Shareplay runs “perfectly smooth” yet you always experience input lag when using it. That’s called a contradiction. Again, I digress and will avoid replying to absurd comments.

    • Yep and even when it’s high

      Sony: *NOPE*

  18. SNB: SparksNBolts

    Falcon narrating a video using Jake Baldino’s PS4 or at least his account

  19. I dont have a PS4, heck, i dont even have an Xbox.. yet i sat through all this vid and said “interesting, never knew that” xD

  20. Always not gonna happen to my country

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