Preseason Update 2018 Spotlight [Singapore & Malaysia]

Please check your local announcements for your server’s multiplier (i.e for Riot regions it is x6.5).

For more information:


  1. What’s that accent? :3

  2. Wow lucky to new member… Not for me I play dis about 4,5year but never see something like dis… ????

  3. Jesus the league of legends gonna chance o my god

  4. i buy 12 rne page with ro but i got nothing

  5. Balance teen poster dngsdvc project race gift where door echo opera date.

  6. Soraka The star child

    It’s nice to play lol really. Big change, big development.
    I feel so good.

  7. its going unfair we work hard for the lvl and the hours we spend in league now everyone just start back from 30?

  8. When are they update ?

  9. I really miss the IP system, now the new system can’t earn BE in every game and riot just wanted to grab some money that we bought some lootboxes for champion shards. So sad that some indie game developers like Digital extremes and riot games who were changing something that we don’t want and it was actually a paywall to force us to pay their real money credits

  10. Don't Click The Cookie.

    Pretty big changes! Won’t that be hard to play for a certain time?

  11. this is NOT league anymore
    it will permanently changed the game forever

    so what if your reached lvl 1000? (just in case if someone made it)

  12. the runes reforged takes out the fun in brainstorming the best combination of runes to use, the change is as if they are spoon-feeding us and those new to this game will miss out on all the fun of playing around with the old runes

  13. But its november 7 already when Is the preseason im so excited 🙁

  14. wish they would allow sea players to make accounts and play NA or EU lol and vise versa.

  15. I am concerned about the mic which she is spitting on

  16. PJ The little Blue engine


  17. So when is this patch coming to Europe west

  18. How big size of preseason update?

  19. Der wachsame Träumer

    Don’t you get blue essence for leveling above level 30???

  20. Guys I don’t know, you’ve spent minutes and minutes on painful details on essences and ip and whatnot (stuff noone really cares about all that much), and you gave a short general description on each new rune path and gave no details on any of the runes.

    Priorities much?

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