Prepare To Die (The Jimquisition)

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Git gud or go home! That’s what a super fan will tell you. But is that fair?

, like all Dark Souls , is being marketed on its , and the audience swallows that idea up. However, it’s reductive and misguided as far as I’m concerned.

And ain’t no amount of hot wing contests will change that.


  1. Free to Play Contra game with Microtransactions

    FUCK THAT! I’m going back to play Contra 4.
    That’s harder than Dark Souls believe me. It’s so hard that even the Konami
    Code kills you.

  2. Fuck Konami.

  3. git gud
    git commit
    git push

  4. Wait, hold up. He put points into DEX?

    kill him immediately

  5. BajsanTheEvilMastermind

    The whole “git gud” thing is a very large part of the reason of why I’ve
    never even held a copy of any of the Souls games, as I consider myself to
    be reasonably shit at video games.Though, I think I may give one a shot.
    Any recommendations as to which of the games I should start with?

  6. Is that orange chicken on the thumbnail?

  7. Demons Souls is hard AF I still have yet to beat it like at all I go back
    tho and I get farther but then it starts to get hard again. Then I fuck it.

  8. New California Ranger

    If Bloodborne is supposed to be easier than this, then I don’t think I am
    going to buy a Dark Souls game any time soon…

  9. The only reason why Dark Souls was perceived to be hard in the first place
    was because the game’s mechanics were janky, which is why, only until the
    sequels do the games seem easier, just like how the GOW games seemed to get
    easier because your companions got more competent.

  10. this strange man is somehow one of the few anti-gamergate people out there
    who isn’t being threatened daily. mind-blowing. i have no idea how he does

  11. People saying ´git good´ to players that doesn’t like the Dark Souls series
    is like players saying ´git good´at players that doesn’t like Football
    Manager lol

  12. Oh boy… The way this is beginning. Im hesitant about DS3.

  13. Hello OSHA? I’d like to report a hazardous work environment

  14. The skit with Chip at the beginning is pretty much my favorite of all time
    on this channel. I’m glad you brought him back but keep definitely keep him
    around in the future. #ShutUpChip

  15. #CucKonami

  16. Yes, spank Chip. SPANK HIM!

  17. I like the dark souls hotwing challenge…. though honestly id prefer a
    chicken strip challenge <_<..... i like spicy foods.

  18. Svetlana Sygiainen

    Ack! Poor chip.I hope no Chip was damaged during this video.

  19. The whole “Git gud” and “Prepare to die” mentality of the fanbase/games
    really pushed me away from the series for the longest time. I’m extremely
    shit at video games, like how I’ve managed to finish the one’s I have is
    beyond me. I also tend to get extremely frustrated easily when I die a lot
    to the same thing(s). So I didn’t play any of these games until 2 weeks ago
    when I decided to give it a chance and picked up Dark Souls 2 (yes, I know
    the Souls fanbase considers it shit and starting with sequels isn’t good,
    but I’m never good at starting with the first game in any given series and
    it was the cheapest of all these games). I was surprised by how easy going
    the game was with introducing me to the different mechanics and making me
    feel that every time I died, it was my fault and I could see how to
    improve. The mentality of the fanbase made me think that if I wasn’t a God
    of gaming, I’d die to every last little thing and never understand why.

  20. 9:31 made me extremely happy, another #Fuckonaminews. Hey jim, any chance
    you could do a video compiling all your #fuckonami segments into one easy
    to watch shindig!.

  21. Holy fuck Jim, how much to get you to whip me in the local sex dungeon? Do
    I need to pay extra so my girlfriend can record it?

  22. Alex Heywood-Capper

    god damn.

    play a real shin megami tensei game.

  23. Your explanation of Dark Soul’s gameplay being about care and preparation
    makes it sound like it plays more like an RTS.

  24. You did those hot wing eating challenges with your brother too. That’s so
    cool, I always won, what about you.

  25. I’ve only played dark souls 1 but my favorite thing about it was that the
    first boss that i killed was the four kings it was really really hard of
    course as it turns out that’s like the fourth boss? I simply didn’t know
    where to go and that was the only boss I could find so I killed him at
    level 10 and was so fucking happy even though I had no sense of what I was
    doing because I skipped all the cutscenes that was alot of fun. Yes it took
    me days.

  26. Maybe it should be, “prepare to try?” Death is a part of the mechanic, not
    a fail state. People fail to see the beauty in it.

  27. Gitpragmatic

  28. Who has two thumbs and a boner? Chip, Chip has a massive erection.

  29. em “needs reminding” nesia

    Getting whipped by Sterling, Chip’s the luckiest man on Earth.

  30. I’ve been saying this ever since Namco Bandai started this “Prepare to Die”
    shit leading up to Dark Souls 1, having just come off of Demon’s Souls and
    being ridiculously hyped for Dark Souls, seeing Namco trivialise what these
    games actually are with the “hurr durr it’s so hard guys” bullshit is
    honestly disgusting.

    I stopped finding these games difficult after Demon’s Souls, once I
    understood how they work mechanically it’s hard to find much difficulty,
    not saying I didn’t get murdered, a lot, I did, but it’s never been the
    focal point, it’s never been the talking point and it’s just not what the
    game is about. sans Dark Souls 2, I’ve never died to a boss and thought
    “man that was hard as fuck” or “that’s so unfair”, it’s more along the
    lines of “ah, so that’s what that does”. only reason Dark Souls 2 is
    different is because the design behind that game was ass and had none of
    the love or care that the Miyazaki games had and did in fact have cheap
    nonsense in it because the directors were of the same mind as Namco Bandai
    with the Prepare to Die bollocks.

  31. Am I welcome to lick your pussy after I thank God for you/ praise the sun
    even if I don’t lord my skills over people?

  32. i know it probably will have them, but where in the trailer did it
    specifically say microtransactions?

  33. To be honest, I’d probably be a lot more open to Dark Souls if the game
    actually respected the time you put into it, and it’s fanbase wasn’t
    comprised of a bunch of elitist dicks. When I sit down to enjoy a game, I
    want to feel like I’ve accomplished forward progress…something Dark Souls
    throws a wrench into with their ‘die twice and you lose all your souls’
    system. Which only forces you to waste MORE time grinding for MORE souls,
    akin to shuffling around in an RPG repeatedly looking for random encounters
    for more EXP. Or as most people call it…padding.

    And to illustrate my second point, I KNOW the only response to this will be
    ‘git good’, which to me only translates to “waste as much of your time as I
    have on a game.” When there are action RPGs that respect my time
    investment, in my opinion, like most Zelda games, or Monster Hunter. But
    hey, just the opinion of some random person on the Internet.

  34. Get your shit together, Chip.

  35. Yep marketing is completely disregarding the brand name.#FucKonamiMobile
    maybe isn’t that bad, too bad it looks too much like an HD 2.5d remake of
    the first one. And microtransactions obv.

  36. Wish there was at least a mod to make the game easier.

  37. I have a sneaking suspicion that Jim is Chip’s dom…

  38. What system you playing DS3 on Jimmy?

  39. Stormy Blue Miata

    Does Jim have a cat or?

  40. #donotFKonami #donotFKonami #donotFKonami #donotFKonami #donotFKonami
    #donotFKonami #donotFKonami #donotFKonami #donotFKonami

  41. Is it weird that the main reason I won’t pick up Dark Souls is because it
    is in third person perspective?

    I rarely play third person games because they don’t seem immersive enough

  42. This almost sounds like a counter argument video to the one where he talked
    about easy difficulties being added to various games and how he wouldn’t
    mind DS having an easy difficulty which I had to disagree with because
    pretty much of the reason he mentions here; the game already has ways of
    being easier, certain weapons and gear, tactics, summons, etc and in the
    end, the game heavily relies on your patience, determination and most of
    all, adaptiveness to new threats which I believe everyone can muster
    themselves to.
    If you lower the difficulty, all of this is gonna go out the window because
    everyone will be able to bum rush everything and not having to give two
    shits that there are smarter ways of going about it. Dying in this game
    No, it’s just a way of this game to tell you that charging in headless is
    not the best way to go about things.

    And yeah, their marketing department needs to get fired and focus on the
    bloody lore.

  43. Poor Chip…

  44. One problem i had with the first Dark Souls (only played the first one) is
    that half the time i can’t tell if the difficulty is supposed to be
    actually difficult, or trolling the player. Many of my deaths are not from
    me sucking at the combat (the combat is actually piss-easy if you’re
    halfway competent at video games), but rather from traps that i didn’t know
    about until i fell into them, died and lost all my souls for no other
    reason than not knowing better.

  45. enoughofyourkoicarp

    Wow, I haf no idea you could sing so well, is that your fallback if youtube
    falls through?

  46. You died in a Dark Souls game?

    Git up.
    And git gud.

    The soul of a warrior is indomitable.

  47. Aindreás The Vulgar Irishman

    The fucking Fume knight in NG++ though

  48. Git Gud hasn’t been funny for years
    So sick of hearing it

  49. nice video!

  50. An increasingly popular sentiment. Lucky for Bandai Namco as the series has
    attracted as many jerks as it’s likely to & alienated alot of others
    because of it. Can’t count how many times I’ve seen get that stupid
    response, but I can count how many were funny or avoided being obnoxious.

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